Eliminating the Use of Drugs

Drugs have been abused by many people over the years and has led to many deleterious affects. People can have an overdose of drugs and possibly die. A drug abuse is something that is very hard to control even if the consumer knows what the outcome may be. What causes people to want more and more of that substance is dopamine. It stimulates pleasure for the brain, and causes people to want more. Getting ride of constant abuse is pretty hard as it can get those in rehabilitation to continue that drug abuse if consumed even once.

Very Short Story: Every day I get home home from school, I see my brother with his friend on the couch injecting things on their arms. He tells me it's medication to help him sleep at night and that it has no harm. One night, I had trouble sleeping and i saw my brothers medication on the table. "This is going to help me sleep at night" I said to myself. I had put more than enough in my body as I never woke up from my long sleep.

Meme: This meme is quite significant because this shows how a child star who had potential threw it all away because of drugs.

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Dairy Entry:July 24, 2030, I wish someone would have told me about the causes drug abuse has. It has been 13 years since i started doings drugs and since then, it has been really hard to quit. Drugs are not things one can simply quit. I feel like the drug is consuming me inside. I have given up and now drugs have controlled my life. I do anything for getting even a pinch-full of drugs. I have broken into houses to steal money just have any drug i can get. I have let drugs rein over me. I cannot escape. I am a slave.


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