Checking Students at the Door presented By cody clarke

Why would you not Practice more security?

NOT PRACTICING Safety, IS practicing VULNERABility.

Deter Threats. Deter Crime.

Check in & Attendance

  • At all school events.
  • At all class meetings.
  • Information of the location of all staff and students.

Students want to feel safe; they need to be safe.

Create a safe learning environment.

Work Faster.

Work Safer.

Work Smarter.

Streamline Investigations.

You will know:

  • Who your suspects are.
  • Where your suspects are.
  • Who your witnesses are.

A strong relation between Liberty University's students and its security team is an essential part to a peaceful campus.

Identify, track and stop the enemy sooner.

  • Suspects will be known.
  • Suspects found easily.
  • Your jobs more efficient.


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