The HKS LA Design Fellowship is a group of multidisciplinary designers that strives to push design innovation, stimulate intellectual conversations and provide opportunities for community and academic partnerships.


Set up in a biennial format, the LADF alternates between Design Charette and Design Workshop events with a focus on community and academia outreach. Design Charettes challenge teams made up of students and professionals to solve issues affecting the greater Los Angeles community. Design Workshops provide students an insight into the inner workings of the profession through an interactive project case-study.

2019 Design Charette

The LADF's inaugural event was the 2019 Design Charette, which brought students and professionals together to solve issues that LA will face when hosting the 2028 Olympics. Design Charette events will take place every other year, the next event will be in 2021.

2020 Design Workshop

The 2020 HKS LADF Design Workshop is a one-day workshop that gives students an exclusive opportunity to learn about SoFi Stadium, new home to the LA Rams and Chargers. The workshop is structured around a series of presentations from the project team that will give students a first-hand account of design from concept to computational design, and the various constructability challenges. Due to COVID-19, the 2020 Design Workshop will take place virtually on Saturday, July 11, 2020.


Diana Tang, Manzer Mirkar, Beau Eaton

HKS LADF Committee

Kristi Hsiao, Joshua Tooill, Kristen Fraumeni, Chris Van Leeuwen

About HKS

We've become an interdisciplinary global design firm by expanding our team beyond architects and interior designers to include researchers, urban designers, nurses, anthropologists, graphic designers and more. At HKS, we view design as a process of discovery. Design research enables us to experiment, to improve — and to design smarter solutions. That’s particularly important as we strive to create a more resilient future.