Emerging Interface Design Research & Sketches

Michael Diaz Cordero

I am from Puerto Rico and currently in the mobile development program at Full Sail University. A fun fact about me I study architecture for 6 year and at my last year I move to Orlando to become a mobile developer.

Project step 1.

Select one existing app type:
  • Golf Caddy
  • Geo-caching
  • Healthy Eating
  • Farm Breeding
  • Car Maintenance
  • Severe Weather Radio
  • Car Pool
Car Pool - App type Selected

Project step 2.

Research 3 existing apps


Initial observation the logo and name of the app makes no sense to what the app does but the logo it's simple and clean. The main color of the app are Black and White. For the visual hierarchy Uber make a great use of it help the user to the goal.
Ride sharing app simple interface, make the user accomplish the goal very easily. Just tap to request, day or night, ride on minutes


Initial observation logo and name make no sense to what the app does, the logo is very simple and engaging because of the color. The main color for the app are Green and White. Inside the app the visual hierarchy its not ver efficient but simple.
It's a ride sharing app with a interface made to make carpool more flexible. Just type where your going the night before and the next day you have people going in the same direction or place sharing a ride.

ToGo CarPool

Initial observation logo make almost sense of what the app is for and the name make sense but it so long that it look unprofessional it does not engage. The main color for the app are soft Gold, Brown and White. The visual hierarchy it's horrible for me they did not use any.
It's a ride sharing app with interface where you create chat groups to talks to people and ask them is they are going the same way or to where and see if it possible to share a ride.

Project step 3.

Answer the following questions

Do the apps follow the mobile first mindset?

In the Uber and Scoop app you can see that there was a design mindset behind the app to help the user accomplish the goal. As for the third app, ToGo CarPool it has no design mindset that help and it look more like a social media rather than a car pool app the interface it very similar to Twitter.

Were the interfaces designed for context?

Again if you see for the first two app you can see that the whole design of the interface it's made to for the context of the app to make sense but there much difference between this two maybe because of how big it's Uber. In the interface of ToGo CarPool since it very much a copy of a social media it does work to create the chats to create the car pool but nothing else it design for context or even design.

Was all the content purposeful?

For Uber all content is purposeful they only put what the user will need. In Scoop also most of the content has some purpose no as the same as Uber and ToGo CarPool since it not a design interface meant for this app there to much content that have no purpose.

Did the design demonstrate continuity?

Since Uber its such a big company it probably have a whole team dedicated to the design of the app so as for continuity work perfect great flow in the app and Scoop its not the same but after you have done all the sign up it have a very good continuity and ToGo CarPool neither before or after the signup has good natural flow of using the app.

How did the design aid the user experience?

The user experience of Uber it one very enjoyable even the gesture os seeing all he Uber driver icon moving on the map make it fun experience and aid to know if the uber is near. For scoop the design it very simple so the interface does't aid the user but since the it so simple there no need for the aid. Sadly the same cannot be said about ToGo CarPool the interface design has no aid in the experience of the user compare to the other 2 apps.

Project step 4.

How my app will be different from the competition ?

Uber - It work by typing from where to where take me to my destination.

Scoop - Work by letting the app know the night before where, what time to leave and to come back.

ToGo CarPool - You need to create chat groups and see if anybody is going the same way as you are going.

My App - The user says where he's going whether it is a concert, surfing or beach, mall, theater, night life, baseball game, road trip, burning man and so many other thing. User inputs when, what time and max occupancy, then the user decide if they want go or not by taping "Hop In" It meant to make people go out more and not waste there free time home doing nothing because " time is the only thing we don't have to spare"

Project step 5.

Steps to accomplish user goals with a site-map

Project step 6.


Sketch 1
Sketch 2
Sketch 3

Project step 7.

Designing lo-fi wireframe

Project step 8.

Creating the Logo

sketching the logo

Then choosing the sketch to develop logo

Choosing the colors

Adding colors to the final concept of the logo

Project step 9

Finishing the low-fi interface design



Created with images by Pexels - "black and white box business" • image4you - "notebook laptop computer" • ashkyd - "App Icon Grid" • TeroVesalainen - "question mark why problem" • aitoff - "stormtrooper star wars lego" • aitoff - "stormtrooper star wars lego" • marioschmidtphoto - "route 66 usa holiday" • baldiri - "wireframe" • baldiri - "wireframe" • moritz320 - "colour pencils colorful paint" • moritz320 - "colour pencils colorful paint" • sasint - "path asphalt street" • DariuszSankowski - "ios new mobile" • DariuszSankowski - "ios new mobile"

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