Vitamins And Minerals By: Lily Burningham

Water Soluble - Water dissolve in and are carried by water
Vitamin B (Folic Acid) - Function: Helps the body make new cells. Food source: Dark green leafy veggies. Deficiency: Spina bifida - Nural tube defect that affects the spinal cord during fetal development. Toxicity: Masks B12 deficiency
Vitamin C - Function: Protects the body against infection. Food source: Citrus fruits, strawberries, broccoli, tomatoes. Deficiency: Scurvy - Break down of collagen, bleeding gums, and skin hemorrhages. Toxicity: Kidney stones, interferes with vitamin e
Fat soluble - Means there vitamins dissolve in fat
Vitamin K - Function: Helps blood clot normally. Food source: Dark green leafy veggies :spinach kale, parsley, etc. Deficiency: bleeding, bruising. Toxicity: Jaundice - breakage of red blood cells
Vitamin A - Function: Promotes good vision, hair and skin. Food source: red, orange, and dark green veggies. Deficiency: Night blindness. Toxicity: Loss of appetite, blurred vision, joint pain.
Vitamin D - Function: Builds and maintains bones and teeth. Food source: Milk, dairy products, and sunlight. Deficiency: Rickets - bone weakness. Toxicity: Nausea and vomiting, kidney damage
Vitamin E - Function: Protects the white and red bloof cells. Food source: Veggie oil, fruits, and veggies. Deficiency: Neurological problems. Toxicity: headaches, brain hemorrhages, muscle weakness
Calcium - Function: Strengthens bones and teeth. Food source: Milk, dairy products, whole grains, dark green leafy veggies. Deficiency: Osteoporosis - bones become weak and brittle. Toxicity: Kidney Stones
Iron - Function: Helps make red blood cells, helps our muscles store and use oxygen. Food source: Animal products, meat, dark green leafy veggies. Deficiency: Anemia - Low red blood cell formation. Toxicity: Heart disease, elevated LDL's
Sodium and Potassium - Function: Maintains fluid balance in the body. Food source: Salt, fruits and veggies. Deficiency: Muscle cramps, irregular heart beat, seizures. Toxicity: High blood pressure


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