Historic UK Media Pack 2020 / 2021


Established in 2000, Historic UK is a unique website dedicated to the history and heritage of Britain. With over a million pageviews per month, we are the largest website dedicated to British history and are frequently referenced by the BBC, National Geographic, The New York Times, Washington Post and more.

Our website is broken up in to two main sections:

  • Our Accommodation Guide showcases some of the finest historic properties that offer accommodation, perfect for those looking for a unique holiday or short break.
  • Our History Magazine is a constantly updated and highly respected online magazine with interesting history articles, interactive maps, competitions and much more.

Historic UK offers the perfect environment for advertisers to reach audiences interested specifically in the history and heritage of Britain, from those looking to plan their next holiday in Blightly to living history re-enactors looking to buy their next sword and shield!

Since 2000, our aim at Historic UK has been to create the most unique, entertaining and comprehensive British history site on the internet. Fast forward to 2020 and we are now the largest website of our kind, with over a million pageviews a month and growing fast...

- Deborah Johnson, Chief Executive of Historic UK

In 2019, Historic UK welcomed advertisers such as Warwick Castle and the National Library of Scotland. With a unique mixture of relevance and reach, we work closely with our clients to develop bespoke, engaging campaigns that deliver real ROI.

-- Elizabeth Anne Craig, Head of Partnerships


Historic UK receives over a million pageviews per month from 750,000 unique visitors.

We also have a highly engaged Facebook audience of over 50,000.

Visitor Demographics

45% of our visitors come from the UK, with a further 29% coming from the USA. We also have significant reach in Australia, Canada and Germany.

An average user to Historic UK is female, earning between $30,000 and $100,000 a year, aged between 35-44, and with graduate qualifications.


Whether you're looking to sponsor an article, advertise on our Living History section or list your property in our accommodation guide, Historic UK offers a wide range of advertising opportunities for all budgets.


Starting from £59 per year.

From sponsoring a single article to a full scale takeover of our online history magazine, with thousands of articles we have a range of advertising options to suit all budgets.


Starting from £99 per year

Historic UK welcomes over 10,000 living history enthusiasts each month. Featuring an events diary, traders market and reenactors directory, we are the number one source for all things living history in the UK.

Historic Accommodation Listings

From £89 a year

Featuring a hand-picked selection of the finest and most historic places to stay, Historic UK's listings include castle hotels, country house hotels, historic B&B's and holiday cottages.

"I am delighted to tell you that analytics for Sudeley Castle show that Historic UK is one of their leading referring websites..."

Ready to Connect?

For more information about any of our advertising options, please contact Ben Johnson at ben.johnson@historic-uk.com or on 07545 806135.