Good Life Tour of Harn BY ludovico boscaino

Medium of art- This piece of art was a very particular one, to really understand it i had to get up close and really examine it. The piece is from Nancy Graves and her work shows music symbols, a stingray, and other glass pieces all put together to create an abstract art work. It took sometime to look at the piece and understand it. The whole piece references to music, astronomy, and more. Seeing this piece in person made me appreciate it more and understand what it was about.
Design of the museum- Walking into the museum I saw a lot of unique rooms that created different experiences for the viewer, one that caught my eye was the garden outside. The garden was put together well and it created an experience that made me appreciate the outside life and that part of the exhibit. The Artist put everything in place to make the most out of the space they had, also the lighting hit exactly into the water rushing under the bridge and it created an abstract experience. The exhibit made me feel relaxed and it had a serenity feel to it.
Art and core Values- Another piece that struck me was one that was a portrait that had houses on top of mountains followed by a piece of water and a lady relaxing near it. This piece appeals to one of my core values because it brings me back to Italy were I was born. the scene in the art work is very much like where I used to live in Italy; where houses were on mountains and the water was always there for a nice dip. This piece brings the love out of me and it helps me cherish where I came from and helps me understand what I believe in.
Art of the good life- The piece I chose for this brings it way back, this piece shows how the good life used to be back in the day. There are statues in the photo that shows the support for gods and how everything back in the day revolved around them. People believed that through praising the gods they would achieve the good life, this helps me understand how they went along their life's like. Everything revolved around rulers and thats the only thing people knew. This art conveys a lot of situations in it and one being that war was also a normal thing back in the day and people had to adjust themselves to achieve the good life in that century.
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Ludovico Boscaino

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