Get Your Gift On a gleaming guide for everyone in your life & Something for you too.

Goods for the Green Go-Getters

Every environmentally conscious earth-soldier knows that without the proper protection and preservation, our world will continue to face challenges that future generations will be forced to inherit. Translating this to what we do at Assurity is pretty simple. We care about the environment and we care about you. With our Critical Illness policy, you're covered, even when your own personal ozone starts to crumble after a diagnosis.

Scroll down for a breath of fresh air when it comes to green gifts.

The Goods

Give an indoor herb garden kit so the purist in your life can tend to their all natural, locally grown, pesticide free, non-GMO, organic greens year-round.

Make sure your favorite activist has an infuser water bottle to stay refreshed and hydrated while saving our planet.

A cool reusable tote bag can carry all of their green gadgets and gear or even double as a gift bag. (Bonus points if it’s made from recycled materials.)

Toss in some fun pins or patches so your sustainable savior can spread the word (and decorate that new tote).

Buys for the Busy Bee

Whether it’s an I can sleep when I die mentality or just a busy schedule, we all have a bit of busy bee inside us. Life gets in the way sometimes and we often neglect our basic needs in order to attack our stresses head on, but with a Basic Care policy through your employer, the groundwork is done and you can move on to more important things on your to-do list. Accident expenses, hospital stays and critical illnesses can now be financial woes of the past because you only have time for the present(s).

Slow down and skim a list perfect for those who are always go-go-going.

The Buys

Some superheroes wear capes, others give their exhausted friends instant coffee packets so they don’t even have to think about stopping their commute for some productivity inducing energy nectar.

Humans aren’t the only ones that need a jolt of energy to keep going, so snag a portable charger for the person in your life that can’t waste time plugging their phone into an outlet the old fashioned way.

In case it isn’t written all over their face, make sure the world knows your pal is busy by picking out the perfect planner to organize the million things they have to get done every day.

Encourage the movers and shakers around you to make time for themselves with a gift card to a spa, or put together your own version of a relaxation kit with a mud mask treatment and their favorite bottle of wine.

Hints for the Homebody

For the days when facing life on the outside seems too daunting, you can rest easy at home knowing that your Whole Life policy is growing old with you in those matching rocking chairs. With Whole Life, you pay steady monthly payments that can build cash value and be used later in life to supplement retirement, cover expenses or can be saved and paid to your beneficiary upon your death.

Check out the rest of our suggestions to keep your solitary soulmate happy.

The Hints

Sometimes it’s a struggle to even get your loved one out of the house, so make sure they have a pair of warm, comfy slippers to venture out in last-minute, should the need arise.

Stop and smell the roses – err... succulents – bring a bit of the outside in for your confined confidant.

Your homebody friend just might need a little motivation to get out and be more social, by blessing them with a fun doormat, you just might get your point across.

Once you’ve penetrated the defenses of your favorite introvert's dwelling, you’ll be able to team up and tackle a recipe from a celebrity cookbook- enjoy a few nights in!

Finds for the Fitness Fanatic

Team No Days Off might be the people who take their fitness seriously, go to the gym every day or “don’t need stretchy pants for the holiday meal,” but it could also be your Disability Income Insurance, because if you’re going hard every day, your policy should be too. At Assurity we understand that you value your health and we want to make sure that you’re rewarded for your preventative actions. If you’re totally disabled due to an accident or sickness, Disability Income Insurance pays a monthly benefit to you. This payment can be used for bills previously covered by a paycheck and you can get back to getting back on your feet and in the gym as soon as possible.

No wind sprints here, just jog your way through this list of sweet finds for your sweaty friends.

The Finds

Shake up the stocking stuffers this year by putting in a blender bottle for all pre- and post-workout needs.

Resistance bands should be the only thing holding back the physically fit this holiday season.

Whether your loved one is a beginner at the couch-potato-level, or someone who somehow seems to sprint marathons, a fitness tracker or smart watch is a great way to keep them moving in the right direction.

Assist your pre-workout fueled friend in finding their Zen with a yoga mat and a foam roller to push out any lingering holiday stresses or muscle kinks.

Trinkets for the Thrill Seeking Traveler

When the usual 9-to-5 is too vanilla, adrenaline junkies tend to come out of the proverbial woodwork and into the actual, real-life woods, forests, mountains, or skies... you get the picture. If you’re one of those wild birds that can’t be tied down to one nest, let alone shackled to a hospital bed by your bills after an accident, then Assurity has the perfect gift for you: check out Hospital Indemnity through your employer. If you're confined to a hospital for any treatment, you'll receive a daily payment -- by adding multiple riders you can amplify your policy at the same rate you're already amplifying your life. If you run your own roost and don't have worksite solutions available, prepare yourself with Acci-FlexWith this distinctive death benefit insurance, if you die in an accident your beneficiary receives payment.

Venture onward to uncover more hidden treasures for the daredevil in your life.

The Trinkets

When your favorite adventurer is state side, sign them up for a unique travel magazine subscription, it’ll give them fresh new ideas for their next trip and keep their wanderlust at bay in the meantime.

Give the gift that keeps on giving and make contaminated water safe to drink with LifeStraw. This handheld water filtration system allows your wanderers to find safe drinking water even when they can’t find their campsite.

Death-defying exploration should lead to a bit of relaxation, so what better way to rest up for the next leg of the trek than by hanging out in a travel hammock?

Now that you’ve stocked them up, customize a passport cover and get them back out there.

Happy Holidays!

At Assurity, helping people through difficult times is in our DNA, so we hope this gift guide makes the holiday season easier for you and everyone on your list. As the first major life and specialty health insurer to become a Certified B Corporation, we talk the talk and walk the walk when it comes to social and environmental responsibility. Plain and simple: we are here to help. So if you're thinking about making a change to your insurance policy, or have any questions about B-Corps, our products, or what to put under the tree for your weird brother-in-law, contact us or reach out on FacebookLinkedIn and Twitter.

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