Mother and child Inspired by Jamini Roy

Jamini Roy was a leading modern Indian artist, he hailed from Bankura, West Bengal. Inspired by the folk artists of India, mainly the Kalighat Painters, he gave a modern sensibility to the artworks and adopted his style of simple, clean bold lines and rich colour. Roy incorporated pattern into his work. His concentration unlike the folk artists was not on narratives but a stylistic treatment of the same. Roy’s themes were simply inspired by everyday life, for example, he painted mother and child numerous times during the course of his career. He negated the concept of a single masterpiece and produced multiple copies of the same work. By doing so, he wanted to make art more accessible to the rising middle class. Many people worked out of his workshop including his family. Jamini Roy was, and will be, an example of an artist who emerged from the rich heritage of this country and is recognized all over the world for it.

This year our Class 6 students became a part of Jamini Roy’s workshop to show solidarity with the many immigrant mothers who walked miles and miles carrying their children on their backs. Let’s Honor the Indian mother for she is the symbol of “Bharat Mata”.

Arsheya Chowdhary 6C
J’adore ma mère (I adore my mother) Written by: Ameera Khatri 6E

My mother, my friend so dear

Throughout my life you’re always near.

When I am afraid of the dark, you become my guiding light.

You have always a smile on your face so bright.

Lovable and huggable like a teddy bear, you are

As sweet as a chocolate bar.

You are the real blessing of God on me

As from all harms of life you protect me.

Mother, you motivate me to try and try until I succeed

You’re a great human indeed.

God made an incredible mother and gave that mother to me

You are my inspiration and will always be.

You are the rain that makes me blossom

Without a doubt, I can say you’re awesome!

You always help me in achieving my goals in life.

I love you from the depth of my heart

And will always and always

Pray to god for your long life.

Hazel Garg 6 A
Mansimar Kaur, 6B
My Guardian Angel by Kawin Singh 6D

Her cozy cuddles solving my troubles

A sense of trust that can’t be broken

A depth of love many times unspoken

The lifelong friendship built on hugs, and sharing

Grows stronger with her warmth and caring

The twinkle in her eye makes my worries pass by!

Her constant attention turns an ordinary day

In a magical way

With her unconditional love, and divine presence

Each day gets more meaningful and offers a fulfilling essence

Unrestricted I spread my wings to fly my way

With a sense of gratitude every moment to stay.

Nanki Guron 6B
Nirvan Goyal 6E
My Dream For India ADIL SINGH BRAR 6A

Mother India, please help us wake up,

And do our bit to score;

To fight and save you from the issues,

Of modern times and yore.

Whole world knows you had great past,

Your culture ages old;

While Greece, Egypt, Rome lost with time,

You still shine like pure gold.

For centuries we were slaves and so,

We fell short in national pride;

In character, intellect and honesty,

'Cos our Captains failed to guide.

We have to remove our poverty,

And then prosperity spread!

We need to educate ourselves,

And unite in a single thread.

We need to worry for health and hunger,

And take proper care;

Re-build our system which for sure,

have schools and clinics spare.

We need to feed our hungry millions,

through farming and throu' mills;

and create enough goods and grain,

that every tummy fills.

You had a great past and now too',

you sure would have your ways;

Fly again you "golden sparrow",

That's what Adil prays.

Ruhaani ul Haq 6E
Aarav Singla 6E
Sabeer Singh Balhaya 6D
Amyra Chaudhry 6C
Shanaya Garg 6C
Amyra Mahajan 6E
Vishakha Sarna 6A
Tanishka 6A