Fighting for the Good Life Nate Bustamane, Joel Huddleston, Victoria Tran



  • God's Law vs. Man's Law
  • Fate vs. Free Will
  • Individual vs. Society
  • The Human Condition

God's Law vs. Man's law:

  • Antigone rebelled against Creon's law in order to fulfill man's law
  • "you could outrun those laws that are the gods', unwritten and unshakable" (Sophocles 38).
  • God's law is eternal constant, man's law is ever-changing (political power, social upheaval)

fate vs. Free will

  • The book points to fate always prevailing over free will. Is the end already determined or can our choices impact the ending?
  • Creon: "I know it too and it perplexes me. To yield is grievous, but the obstinate soul that fights with Fate, is smitten grievously" (Sophocles 1095-1099).
  • The god's influence Greek mythology


  • Expectations to conform despite spiritual consequences and personal convictions
  • Ismene: "I don't disonor him [gods]; but it's impossible for me by nature to defy the citizens" (Sophocles 78-79).
  • Groupthink: Safety in numbers, affirm beliefs, follow despite lack of passion.
  • Chorus: Changing wills of society

The human condition:

  • You fight for what you're most passionate about.
  • Creon- his belief was that his law was more important than the god's. Excessive pride and self confidence (hubris)
  • Antigone- honoring her brother

hunger games:

  • Character similarities between President Snow and Creon, Katniss and Antigone, chorus and Districts.
  • Relation to module themes:
  • Individual vs. society, fate vs. free will, human condition.

Discussion questions:

  1. If Antigone's burial of her brother had caused significant harm to society but upheld her personal values, would her choice have been justified?
  2. How important is conflict in pursuit of the good life? At what point does fighting for the good life prevent you from attaining it?

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