Saving Private Ryan Shelly Castillo Period 7

Interpreter - A person who translates a language to another.

Example: An interpreter (Timothy E. Upham) that was able to translate German and French to english,later on was recruited into Captain Miller's squad which then he traveled with Captain and the rest of the squad on the road to find Private Ryan. Throughout the way Timothy helped in many situations during the way,for example during the way the squad was coming across many situations with German soldiers and their leaders and the Innocent French that were made to join the war.

Upham is the Interpreter recruited for Captain miller's squad

Panzers - Basically a tank.The one in the movie was a Tiger Tank from the Nazi German.

Example : At the Battle of Ramelle a King Tiger Tank arrives.Big important scene.

Bangalore - Basically a pipe mine

Example : A bangalore is used in one of the scenes in omaha beach

Office of War Information (OWI) - Shared and created Photographs,films,poster and appeared in radio shows to encourage people to join the Army and show photographs of hoe things were doing.Also let families know about the death of any family members that were American soldiers that have passed away.

Example : Folded U.S Flags are sent by the OWI to the family of the American soldiers who died while away at war. The mother of Private ryan received news from the OWI that 2 of her 3 sons passed away in battle, didn't want the mother to receive news again that her 3rd son passed away so The squad of captain miller were given the mission to find Private Ryan and give him the news that he will be going home.

D-Day - June 6th 1944 a day a military operation begins

Example : The movie is based off of D-day.Opening scene at Omaha Beach was D-day.

Brotherhood - Basically just getting comfortable and having fun with people you see as family

Example : In the movie there is a scene where the squad talks about brotherhood.Upham thinks bonds of brotherhood develop between soldiers during war.Later on the squad laughs at Upham asking him what he knows about brotherhood.

Hitler Youth -Organization created by Adolf Hitler. Organization was made to train German Boys based of the nazi party ideas.

Example : Mellish sees a Hitler Youth knife,makes a joke but then gets emotional for the fact that he is jewish and Hitler's goal was to get rid of them .A Hitler youth knife is given to every member of the organization.

"RZM M7/2 1938 (Emil Voos Waffenfabrik) Hitler Youth Dagger. MY FIRST HJ!" WW2 German Soviet Allied Militaria Uniforms Awards Weapons History War Relics Forum RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Apr. 2017.

Omaha Beach - Landing area in france for the American soldiers.Many died by drowning in the ocean or being shot right away after arriving

Example : Opening scene of the movie. Older Private Ryan wa visiting Captain Miller's cross at Omaha Beach with his family.Seeing the ocean caused him to have a flashback to the horrific day, June 6th 1944 .D-Day.

Trenches - A narrow Ditch that serves as shelter from enemy attack or fire

Example : Throughout the whole movie you can see trenches either being made or already made which then help from getting attacked or fired at by enemies.

Anti-Semitic - Prejudice against Jews

Example : Hitler was Anti Semitic.Relates to the move for the fact that The U.S was at war with Germany whose Leader was Adolf Hitler.

Do you believe that the order to send the company of soldiers to save just one man was a good or bad idea? Why do you think the lives of many men would be risked just to save one?

I believe that the order to send the company of soldiers to save just one man was a somewhat bad idea for the fact of how it got soldiers dead just for one man.It caused Captain Miller's squad to go a long way and even struggle.Throughout the way even Captain Miller was losing it and even questioned to why this mission of finding Private Ryan was worth it all. Throughout the movie his hand was shaking constantly showing me that he was somewhat traumatized from everything and maybe even stressed.The squad lost 2 men while on their way to find Private. Throughout the way the whole squad even questioned why they were sent this specific mission.Many started asking how come they weren't being sent home.

I think the lives of many men was risked to save just one man because of how they didn't want their mother losing all her children in battle,wanted to leave the mother with her last child,Ryan.I also believe that the OWI did not want to have other people believe that that they are just taking their children away from them but to just help in battle.So their reputation was in danger,if people did start believing that then many would just be more afraid and ask for more proof that their children are somewhat safe at war and not just left to die.Many that knew there was lives of men risked to just save one person because his brothers all died in battle questioned to why they could not be sent home,what was so special of Private Ryan that he got to go home.


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