Zodiac Romina Russell

This story take place in a place called the Zodiac, which is a alternate universe. In this universe, the character lives on a particular planet called Cancer named after the giant crab. It makes me feel curious because 'could there be a actual alternate universe?' We still have a lot to explore in space.

Specifically, the character and her friends are on a space ship right outside of the atmosphere of Cancer. They live on this ship because there was a accident on one of the moons, causing a after affect of blast. The space ship is a passenger space ship consisting of cabins for passengers and a viewing deck. It also has a side of offices for the important people on the ship.

This is a science fiction book, in particular set in a futurist setting. We know that this after earth was destroyed in a huge meteor blast. The surviving humans went in search of a new planet and came upon the Zodiac Galaxy. I imagine it to be 12 planets in a large circle circling around a sun or like council hall.

Cancer is covered in water. It is made up of 97 percent of water, so when Rho is looking down at her planet, all she can see it water. The climate is like space, so the characters have these tight space suits and helmets to help them breath when they are outside. It is also freezing cold.

In this book, cancer has 1 billion people, including citizens on the moons and on the planet. It is rather crowded because all the people have to fit on the cities that rest on the top of the sea. I imagine regular people living on cancer because the book describes her golden blond hair and light blue eyes.

Some of the objects in this that created a futurist theme were these things called Waves. They made small holographs of people pop up so you could not only see them but talk to them. They also talked about how they had spaceships that had could zoom in and out of solar systems.

The overal mood of this story is rather sad. Her home is blown up, and her family dies. This story gives a sad meaning and when she is named guardian, nothing comes but constant pressure. The scene that creates this mood comes when Rho is preforming her concert and she is shot back, only to discover that everyone at the concert is dead.

This setting has a major affect on the book because if it was at like a playground, then it wouldn't make sense. This setting is nececary to describe why all those people died. They died because they ran out of air and froze to death. If it was like on earth, they wouldn't have died, in this conclusion you needed the setting.


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