ABC'S Of Africa BY ALbert Thang

A is for Africa, it is the second largest continent in the world. Once part of the large super continent called Pangaea

This is Africa

B is for Britain, This country colonized Africa, Slavery and forced labor model.

Britain's flag

C is for Cocoa, They grow in Africa, supply's 2/3 of the worlds cocoa crops

Cocoa Beans

D is for Drogba, stopped a civil war in his country, Play's for Phoenix Rising Stars in the U.S

Didier Drogba

E is for Ethiopian Highlands, rugged mass of mountains in Ethiopia, most densely populated agricultural area in Africa.

Ethiopian Highlands

F is for France, colonized Africa, West Africa did not have rights for the law, rights to travel, vote.

France's Flag

G is for Germany, colonized Africa, constituted four countries in Africa.

Germany flag, with little soccer ball

H is for HIV, 69% of HIV-positive people in the world live in Africa, 91% of HIV-positive children live in Africa.

HIV thing

I is for Islam, first continent into which Islam spread from Asia, Mohamed is the prophet of Allah.

Islam religon

J is for John Obi Mikel, plays for his country Nigeria (soccer)

John Obi Mikel

K is for Kilimanjaro Mountain, it has three volcano cones, highest mountain in Africa.

Kilimanjaro Mt.

L is for Lavender, it can be made into oil, grown in almost every continent.


M is for Mali Empire, largest empire in west Africa, influenced the culture of west Africa.


N is for Nile River, largest river in Africa, it has two major tributaries the white and blue Nile.

Nile River

O is for Oil, There were nearly 9 million barrels of oil in 2016, Algeria. Angola, and Nigeria provided 90% of it.


P is for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, 2015 African soccer player of the year, plays for his country Gabon.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Q is for Qur'an, the holy book of Islam religion, divided into chapters and verses.

Holy book of Islam Qur'an

R is for Riyad Mahrez, 2016 African player of the year, plays for his country Algeria

Riyad Mahrez

S is for Sahara Desert, biggest desert in the world, it is lined up on the equator.

Sahara Desert

T is for Tutsi Tribe, they lived along the African great lakes region, they were referred to as the Watutsi

Tutsi Tribe

U is for Udu, it is played by the igbo women, a water jug with an additional hole.

Water jug

V is Victoria Lake, one of Africa's great lake, it was named after Queen Victoria.

Lake Victoria

W is for Wolof Tribe, largest ethnic group in Senegal, they were Muslim.

Wolof Tribe

X is for Xenophobia, intense or irrational dislike of fear of people, immigrants from the outside faced discrimination.


Y is for Yaya Toure, won 3 African player of year awards, plays for his country Cote'D Ivoire.

Yaya Toure

Z is for Zulu, official language of South Africa, spoken by a million people.

African people with Zulu language sign
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Albert Thang


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