Zero -Camp Green Lake

  • In the book, Holes Zero changes over the course of the book. The first time we hear about Zero is in chapter five. He dos not talk at all. Later in the book, D tent is sitting in a circle,and Zero finally says something. : ¨I like to dig holes." (Holes 1998). Stanley receives a letter from his mother, Zero is looking off his shoulder. But then we still don´t know he doesn´t know how to read. Zero then asks him, and Stanley rejects it. Later on he talks to Zero, and Stanley decides to do it. In chapter thirty, it is Zig-Zag´s birthday. Stanley and Zig-Zag start to fight. Zero stands up for Stanley, and gets into it.Zero is choking Zig-Zag. Soon enough the counselors come, and Mr. Pendanski hands Stanley the shovel and Zero hits Mr. Pendanski in the neck.
This is Zero.

Zero sometimes can get crazy, but I think he is a good kid. And that is how Zero changes over time.

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