ABISA SpringBoard to Excellence Highlights

T-Shirt Making Outing
AbiSA Springboard to excellence Program is committed to the success of young women through Self-Exploration, education and community service
Students Against Gun Violence March
"Who I am" Poster Board
Participant Planning
Alternative for Girls Community Day
Participants learned the importance of our external and internal ENVIRONMENTS and the impact it can have on our growth and development

D-Town Farms Service Day

Feb 2018

D-Town Farms is a two acre Urban Garden located in the City of Detroit’s Meyers’ Tree Nursery in Rouge Park. They grow over 30 kinds of organic fruits and vegetables

The Springboard to Excellence participants assisted in planting Leeks and Red Cabbage, while learning about urban agriculture , teamwork, and the importance of ones environment

Feb 2018
Here the program participants helped clean up D-Town farms in preparation of winter
The hay the program participants laid out helps replenish the grass for the upcoming growing season.
Oct 2018

Many Thanks to Baba Malick and our volunteers who made this day enriching and enlightening

Motor City Makeover Service Day

Springboard to Excellence participated in Motor City Makeover, a City-Wide beautification initiative in all districts over 3 weekends.

We partnered with the O'Hair Community Association to assist in the beautification of District 1 neighborhoods by racking leaves, exposing sidewalks, and removing dumped trash from abandoned houses.

Many thanks to the O'Hair Community Association, District 1, and City of Detroit that assisted in the planning and programming of this event.

Arts and Scraps Volunteer Day

Arts and Scraps is a Detroit based non-profit that provides hands-on learning and creative experiences through programs at our facility and in Southeast Michigan with an emphasis on STEM (science, technology,engineering, math) education.

Nov 2018

Springboard to Excellence assisted with packing boxes and gathering materials for arts and scraps youth programs.

" My Future Self " poster day

On this day, program participants focused on there career goals and future lifestyles. The board consisted of values and identities, Lifestyles, passions, classes, and activities , and jobs fields that are relevant to those passions and activities and classes.

Students prepared for these boards in previous sessions were topics about future lifestyles, career goals and paths, and values and identities were discussed.

Participant Jameelah Jammeh displays her finished product.
Participants got customize there boards with there own style and preferences as you can see
Here you can see participants got creative with their ideas
Participants got to use paint, glitter, makers, and etc to display their goals and lifestyles.
" My Future Self "
participants were thoughtful and well prepared before creating this board

Jan 2019

Ronald McDonald Community Service

The Ronald McDonald house was an envision of a house for families who had a member in the Children's hospital undergoing treatment and etc, by Dr. Evans. What started in Philadelphia, spread across the nation and Detroit became the 11th location.

Participants giving back to the community
Participants volunteered at the Ronald McDonald house and prepared a dinner for the families occupying a room there.
Some of the dishes provided
Participants also join the families during dinner
Mar 2019

The Ronald McDonald house is inhabited by families who have children in the Children's Hospital. Doctors saw how stressful it was for families who stayed night after night, which is why the house was created.

SpaLyfe Outting

On this day participants and staff members went to visit a minority owned business and received a lecture on how to successfully own and run a business and the five characteristics of a business women.

Program participants listened to the owners' life stories and what it took for them to get where they are now
Mar 2019

Community Leaders Panel Discussion

In Sept 2018, Iain Ferguson and Lohren Nzoma were invited to speak on leadership skills and community work, something he has done exemplary work in. Topics discussed were how to give back to your community and the importance of it and leadership skills. Following this, the participants had a Q&A and got to express their ideas and thoughts.

Iain discussing his definition of leadership.

On this particular day participants were focused on the community and ways to give back to theirs .

Meet our Program Participants

Astou is a graduating senior from Canton Preparatory High School. She is planning to attend Wayne State in the fall to study biology and begin premed courses. She hopes to become a neonatologist and give back to her community in the future.
Dori is a freshman at Cass Technical High School. She will be graduating in 2022 and after finishing school she hopes to be
Jameelah is a junior at Cass Technical High School. She is graduating in the year 2020 and aspires to be a Midwife and a role model to young black girls.
Hawlaane is a freshman at UPAD. She is currently taking digital arts courses and will graduate in 2022.
Soren is a freshman at Marian High school. She is graduating in the year 2022 and aspires to be a writer or a photo journalist when she departs from high school.
Princess is a sophomore at Canton Preparatory High School. She will be graduating in 2021 and aspires to work in health field after pursuing her college education.
Amina is a freshman at Mercy High School. She will be graduating in 2022. After finishing her education she would like to be the head of marketing and/or advertisement
Hawa is a fifth grader at Detroit Premier Academy and she aspires to be a fashion designer when she gets older.

End of Semester One Celebration

Springboard to Excellence program participants in out first cohort celebrated their accomplishments throughout the semester with a summer cookout and karaoke day. We are super proud of all our participants and very grateful for our volunteers who assisted in the success of this program!

2018 Semester 1 Program Participants

  • Khaliqa Warren
  • Dori Booker
  • Hawlaane Sarr-Robbins
  • Laila Mohamed
  • Soren May
  • Alexis Mayfield-Banks

2018 Semester 1 Volunteers

  • Patrick Brobbey
  • Samba Danfa
  • Zainab Jalloh
  • Erica Clark

Upcoming Events

April 13th, 2019 - In house student led session

April 27th, 2019 - Community Service at Food Bank

May 4th, 2019 - Food Bank ( tentative )

May 11th, 2019 - Mothers Day session

May 25th , 2019 - In house student led session

June 22nd - 23rd , 2019 - Summer get together


Contact Jainabou at (248)880-8656 or jainabou@umich.edu


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