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Water is pumped to the top of a mountain reservoir at night, when the demand for power across the country is low. When there is a sudden demand for power head gates open and water rushes down tunnels to drive turbines to drive the powerful generators. Water collects at the bottom reservoir, ready to be pumped back up later.


1. The water used can be pumped back up to be used over and over again. 2. It has little affect on the landscape. 3. No pollution or waste. 4. Simple way to get energy fast.


1. Very expensive to build. 2. Once the water is used, you can't use it again unless you pump the water back up to the top reservoir. 3.

Renewable or Nonrenewable?

The water pumped storage is not really a power station, but a means of storing energy from other power stations. Question doesn't apply, but the water pumped down to create energy can be pumped back up and used again.

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