1967 in Tacoma , Washington on 5409 South Tacoma Way, a music store called the " RECORD -BAR". Robinlynne Mabin was 5 years old hanging out with her Father in his record store. She learned about music by working with her Dad. In 1967 her Father was the only black man to own an independant record store in the UNITED STATES IN AMERICA.

Robinlynne left high school and served in the UNITED STATES AIR-FORCE MILITARY.Her specialist is communications. Robinlynne did not forget what she learned from working with her Dad and her military experienced in the AIR FORCE.

.IN 2009 Robinlynne Mabin launched ROBINLYNNES PRODUCTIONS in Seattle , Washington and builded her brands in CHARLOTTE,N.C, FT. LAUDERDALE , MIAMI ,FLORDIA and ATLANTA ,GEORGIA and LOS ANGELES.

ROBINLYNNE PRODUCTIONS now has 3 milllions geographical listeners, 200 countries,10 podcasts, and 15 radio stations . VIBES LIVE MEDIA under Robinlynnes Productions is her primary product and is growing faster than she expected.

Robinlynne can be found on VIBES LIVE RED CARPET EXCLUSIVES , A Minute With Minister Mabin , {Vibeslive.com] and of course Genius Is Common @GeniusIsCommon. The Mass Media Maven RobinLynne Mabin Moving Your media worldwide distribution and syndication.

You can Contact Miss RobinLynne Mabin at http://vibeslive.com and @robinlynnemabin . Miss Mabin is also an Official Partner with Genius Is Common - Bruce George. Send booking inquiries to business@vibeslive.org or dial 800-372-3172.

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