Schooling in Germany German Schooling

Schooling in Germany is different, but Germany produces high-preforming students.

One of the schools you can find in Germany, located in Darmstadt.

Males and females attend schools at ages 3-6 they may attend kindergarten. From grades 1-4 children attend elementary school, where the subjects taught are the same for all. After the 4th grade they are separated according to their academic ability, and their families wishes.

When students are separated they may attend 1 of 3 schools, Hauptschule, Realschule, or Gymnasium.

Hauptschule School in Germany

Hauptschule offers a lower education after 4 years of elementary schooling, it is also known as a secondary school.

Realschule School in Germany

Realschule is ranked in between Hauptschule and Gymnasium, it is also know as a secondary school.

Gymnasium, a school in Germany

Gymnasium is the highest secondary school you may attend in Germany

To study in Germany it costs €9,170 (US- 10,520)

Students may leave the school and come back during lunch hours. If the student leave he/she must return in time for their next class.

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