Value, Emphasis, and Unity Kira Oswald Drawing and painting pd.2

"Alone in the Elements"

Kira Oswald

My piece show a greyed out girl alone in a rainbow rain. It symbolizes that even in a world filled with bright color & culture, there can still be a feeling of loneliness. "Alone in the Elements" is the title of my art. In my art unity and emphasis are obvious, but value is subtle, as the girl has a small shadow. My piece is made of tissue paper, watercolor, charcoal, and Sharpie Marker. I wet the paper to let the dye run down the paper as a rain. Then, to darken the shades, I put watercolor on top of the dye. My father inspired this piece. He lives far away from me, so the piece shows my emotions toward him. The rain represents the lonely feeling I get when hes not nearby. I tried showing sadness, and some small hints of happiness. My goal as an artist is to try my very best and to show the world around me my talent. This piece is one of my best works, so it has inspired me to try even harder to prove myself. I learned from this project that art isn't always what it seems to be. It can have deep feeling and emotion. This has influenced my future artworks by encouraging me to tey my best to show my talents.

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