Successful and unsuccessful structures! By: Leslie aguilaR

This structure had different shape beams holding the structure together. This structure succeeded in holding the force of the measuring tape.

This building/ structure had triangular columns that held the measuring tape for 10 seconds.

This structure had layered paper that made the columns strong.

In this structure this had really sturdy bases that held it together.

This structure has strong columns also strong bases that held the force of the measuring tape.

This was our group structures which did succeed because we had multiple columns that held the measuring tape.

  • Similarities:
  • They all had columns
  • They all had bases in between each column
  • Only 5 succeed
  • Differences:
  • Most had different bases like a triangle base or a cube base
  • Only 1 didn't succeed
  • Some had multiple cards to create a strong column

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