Using GeoGebra in a Math Classroom Jimmy lin

Geometry SketchPad

Paid software


Free to use


GeoGebra can be used on computers windows and mac and ipad.

GeoGebra can do geometry, algebra and 3D shapes.

Turkish educator is doing a reform. By using Geogebra, they feel it is very successful. (Kul, 2012)

Switching from memorization

To exploration and discover

What are the benefits of using Geogebra in math classrooms

When students are doing complex problems, it is hard to represent the problem in a paper-pencil base. (Andreasen & Haciomeroglu, et. al 2014).

Animation can be attractive to students and they will pay more attention to the teacher.

Geogebra can be used during teaching unit circle.
Farris wheel problem in Dr. Moore's Class
Swimmer's transformation in Dr. Smith Class
Memory or Exploration?


Will students still be able to use compass to find the perpendicular biscector?

Long loading time for students to view in a webpage. especially with a lot of geogebra iframe in a page.

Will they still know how to use TI-84 during standard test?
Not accessible for students with disability


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