How to Crochet a Baby Blanket Baby Blankets & Baby Swaddle Online Store in UK

Crocheting a baby blanket is one of the most valuable crafts to know as a parent/grandparent. As a beginner who’s just getting into crocheting blankets, you might need some tips and heads-ups. So, in this article, we guide you through the process of crocheting a baby blanket.

Before we start, you’ll have to decide the size of Baby blanket UK you want to go for, as well as the yarn you need. Since there are three types of baby blankets that are receiving, crib, and toddler, you have to decide your desired size.

Next up, you’ll have to choose a yarn of your preference. Fine and sportweight are lighter, while worsted yarns are thick and warm.

For a newborn/receiving blanket, you’ll need three 5-oz balls of yarn if you’re going for the traditional 30 inches square baby blanket. Whereas for a toddler blanket, you’ll require four 5-oz balls of yarn to crochet a 36 inches cloth. But if you want to crochet a smaller baby blanket, you’ll need two to three 5-oz balls of yarn for a 26 inches blanket.

Besides the material, you also need crocheting tools such as a hook, stitch marker, and a tapestry needle.

Now that we’re done with the desired equipment, let’s start discussing some simple and easy steps you can follow and practice to successfully crochet a baby blanket.

Crochet A Baby Blanket In 4 Easy Steps

1. First of all, starting with row one, you begin crocheting by placing the stitch marker on your hook’s first chain. Then, begin single crochet in the third chain, skip the second chain again and repeat the process in the whole row.

2. Move onto the second row, single chain in the next space of chain one, and repeat it throughout the row. At the end of the row, work up a single chain stitch where you placed the stitch marker.

3. Now onto the third row; from here on out, the process is the same as the second row with a bit of difference. Here, you’ll have to work your last single chain stitch into the row’s turning chain before. You’ll have to repeat the process in the fourth row just the same way till the blanket feels full.

4. Finishing up the blanket will require you to cut off the remaining yarn while keeping a few inches of extra yarn in the blanket. Now, thread the tapestry needle to fill the loose spaces between the blanket will clear the holes. Proceed with cutting off any extra threads of yarns that might make the blanket look unfinished.

These are some basic tips that’ll hopefully help you get started with crocheting a blanket.