Kobie Moore Clemson university

Mindset: Recognizing & Revising Self-Talk Patterns

  • Inner Critic: "I'm not good at math, thats why I cannot do it."

Definition: The inner critic is the voice inside ones head that only judges and blames oneself for all problems in life.

Identify: My senior year of high school, I took an honors precalculus class. This class for me was very difficult, and so were all my previous math classes. Going into this class I knew it would be hard, and I had come to the conclussion that I was no good at math so I was easity discouraged by the class and my failures.

Revise: I soon realized that if I really put my mind to it and practiced enough that I could do this math, it might just take me a little longer.

  • Inner Defender: "If my teacher spoke English better, I wouldnt be having any problems."

Definition: This is the voice that blames others, and makes other people responsible for that problems that you are having.

Identify: I found myself blaming my teacher for my misunderstanding in a class, because this teacher has a very thick accent. How was I supposed to understand the material and pass the class if I can't even understand what is being said? I struggled for a long time with this problem.

Revise: I understand how hard it must be for her to teach a class in a language much different from her native one. I could read the textbook more efficiently in order to pick up and understand better what I missed in class.

  • Inner Guide: " I made a mistake, and it is my job to make it right."

Definition: This is the voice that takes responsibility, and it does not attack yourself or others. It is a positive voice.

Identify: My first semester of college I struggled very much, and found myself on academic probation, at first I was frustrated and couldn't understand how it happend to me. Soon I realized the mistakes that I made, and I took responsibility for my actions, and understood that I needed to do better.

Reflect: I have learned a lot from my first semester at college. I thought that it was going to be like high school where I could basically do anything and get good grades, but that was not the case at all. Taking time out to study is most definitely something that needs to be done. It is not just something you cram in the night before or a few minutes before a test. My default voice is definitely Inner Critic, when I find something to be hard I just get so easily discouraged and hold myself back from really doing what I am capable of. I would love to change this, I do not like feeling like I am unable to do anything, that I am not smart enough to do math because deep down I know that is not the truth, but I find it hard to want to get back at it again after I have failed. After I find that something is difficult or does not come so easily to me as it does to others or as easily as I want it to, I think that I should spend more time on it instead of just giving up on the subject altogether. If I work on it longer and harder it may come to me and I will be able to understand it, because I will never understand it if I just gives up on it after my first failure. I am able to change all of this, I just have to put my mind to it.

Self-Managment: Time Management Self Study

This is the schedule that I use everday to keep myself on track to where I need to be.
April Scheduale

Sunday April 9th- Today I woke up early so that I couId start my laundry and continue to study for my psychology exam tomorrow. I woke up at around 9:30a.m. got dressed and brushed my teeth. At arounf 9:45 I gathered all my laundry and left for the washing machines, like usual it took me a while to find two washers that were free. When I got back to my room I started to clean up until my alarm went off to go switch my clothes. I got back to my room and sit down and end up watching Netflix for an hour until my clothes were finished which was about an hour. I had finished cleaning and didn't think I should start studyign when I would have to just get up not long after. I got my clothes and brought them back, folded them and put them away. At around 11:00 I sat down at my desk and studied for an hour. I took a break for like two hours, becuase I got destracted with social media and what not. I then went to Starbucks at around 2:30 to continue studying until around 3:45, so that I could make it to the review from 4 to 5. After that I went to Chipotle, then back to my room and chilled for the rest of the night.

Monday April 10th- Today I woke up at 7:25, got ready and left the room at 7:45 to be at my 8:00 am. When my 8 o'clock class ended I made my way to my class at 9:05. Once I was done with this class I went to Core for something to eat, I ate and went back to my room and reviewed my material for one more hour then I took a nap until it was time for my test at 2:30. After my test I went back to Core for lunch at about 3:15, and then went back to my room to do some work for tomorrows classes.

Tuesay April 11th- Today I woke up at 8:35 for my class at 9:30am, I left my dorm at 9:15. After my 9:30 class I headed to my 11:00 class. Once I was done with both of my classes I went to Core for lunch then went back to my dorm to watch some Netflix and do some work.

Learning: Retrieval Practice Study

For this exhibit I have chosen 3 different study techniques to help me study for upcoming exams.

Before each test and after reviewing I make fresh cards to go over. Copying down the notes and rereading them helps me a lot in refreshing what I learned in class. But going over the cards by itself I learned does not really help me fully learn the material.
Quizlet helps a bit with the learning, you are able to switch up the questions and put in your own words and definitions, and then the site generates the questions.
I created my own test and took it to later on figure out how much of the material I learned.

Results: The flash cards did not help me with my studies at all, I did very poorly on the exam that I took while studying by flashcards. I do not understand how this did not work becuase I spent hours writing down the information from my notes, and then continued to study off of them. The Quizlet worked a lot becuase I was able to enter in my own definitions, and was able to shuffle the questions so that they were put into different formats. The Self test did not work so much becuase it was short and I wrote the test myself so I basically knew all the answers and it seemed almost too easy.

Self Exhibit- For this self exhibit I came up with the idea to see how my testing comparts to how I study with music and how I study without it, but I am also testign the different types of music to see if that afftects my ability to test as well.

Without Music:




Overalll I think that it did worst on while listening to Classical music, and I am not sure why. I think that I also knew the South American geography better, and with the Asian map there are so many small little countries all over the place. I think that this taught me not to listen to classical music when I study which is something I would not do anyway, I was just curious to see how it would go.

Post Test ANalysis with office hour

I plan on using flash cards to study for this exam, writing down all the main idead and words that I will need to know. Copying down these words and definitions will help to refresh my memory and help me to learn the material better. After I am done with making the flash cards I will continue to study them each night leading up to the test for about an hour.

For this exam I used flash cards to help me study. I sat down and looked at all the necessary information I needed, and knew would be on the test in some form becuase of the test review. I wrote down on flash cards all the words, definitions, and main ideas that I needed to know. After going over the exam with my teacher I understood all the mistakes that I made, all the information I knew but I made simple mistakes or I could not comprehend the question that way that it was written. All the mistakes I made were little, but there was a lot and they all added up. The grade I earned did not reflect the amout of studyign and work I put in to the exam.

I went over my test with my teacher to understand how I went wrong.

Professor interview

These are the questions I came up with to ask my professor.

I chose this prefessor because I find that class that she teaches very interesting and each day when she walks into class you can tell that she is excited and ready to teach and I think that is a great attitude to have. Her answers, I thought were very good and deatailed, she had a lot to say while answering the questions that I asked. Her reactions to the questions were very positive and she were her answers. I very much like the answers she gave and thought that they were very deeo and insightfull, she knew what she was talkign about and you could tell she felt strongly abotu what she may have been speaking about at the time. After interveiwing my professor I felt like I learned a lot from her. She spoke a lot about never givign up and being able to get back up after you have fallen, and that really stuck with me beucase that is somethign that I have very much struggled with while in college and in high school. I definately learned how to keep on pushing and motivating myself and try not to beat myself down as much as I do not. I think that after this interview I apprieciate this teacher so much more and I have a better understanding of who she is not only as my teacher but also as a person. I had a good time interviewing my professor and it think that it was a great experience.

Using personal values to set Short & Long term Goals

These are the top ten values in my life. These things mean a lot to me and they are things that I try to live my everyday life with in mind.
These are the top five goals in my life. Without these I would not be the person I am today, these are the thing that are forever and I neded them in my everyday lfe for as long as Iong as I live.

Long Term Goal

My long term goal is to become healthier. I think that this will help me to have more energy and be a happier person. Doing this will really help me with my relationships whether is be family or friends, and I think that is somethign that I really need. In order to do this I plan to get out more this summer and go to the gym more this summer so that I can feel more comfortable with myself. All this will help me with being confident within myself and building better relationship with the people that I love.

Short Term Goal

My short term goal is to be able to learn how to manage my money better. This will help me to be able to do things that I want with my friends and family. Saving money will also show me more responsibility.

Self Exhibit- For this exhibit I set one goal to try to accomplis for the week, and that was to not take a nap all week. I always find myselt taking naps in my free time becuase I may feel tired or just feel as if there is nothing else for me to do. I realize that this is probably not healthy and that I should not do this every day but it is somethign that I has just become a habit and it is a bad one.

Monday- I did not take a nap I was welll rested from the weekend and did not feel the need to take a nap between or after classes.

Tuesday- I was a little tired here beucase I stayed up late, beucase I did not have to get up so early, but beucase I knew that I didnt wake up super early and once I got back to my dorm I would have only been awake for 4 hours I felt I should not go to sleep, so I went to Starbucks got a coffee and did some work.

Wednesay- This day got to me, was tired between my moring and afternoon classes so I did take a nap which was worng.

Thursday- I knew I had taken a nap yesterday so I told myself I there was no way I would fall a victim to my bed so I made myself do some work until it was time to go to swimming.

Friday- It was the weekend here and I was pumped to there was no need to take a nap in between classes and after classes I did my laundry.

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