Career of an Elementary Teacher created by savannah (savie) Duhon 5th period

  • Salary- $54,550 a year
  • works 43.7 hours a week
  • Must have a Bachelor's degree.You must also take what is called the Praxis test before you can officially teach a class.It helps you understand how to effectively teach your students and how to teach the curriculum recommended.
  • As an elementary teacher you will work with other teachers in the school.There will be a desk for you and a desk for each student in the classroom.
  • You may encounter a few problems along the way in your teaching career.Students can become overly dependent on you (the teacher).Student's personalities can clash together and possibly start a conflict.Students may often get bored and distracted.
  • Some classes usually always have that one "rowdy" student also know as the "class clown".Some students often come to class unprepared which is in fact a problem because it will disrupt the class.You might sometimes deal with students who are late to class.
  • You will definitely have to deal with cranky parents.There will always will that one student who has the parents who are rude and don't understand you.
  • As a teacher ,depending on the grade level and where you work, you can get benefits such as medical,dental,vision,sick days,paid leave, and sometimes teacher grants.
  • Teachers help us learn.That's what they are there for.They give us knowledge.They help us learn to adjust to the real world and give us a headstart in life.

"Teacher-one who inspires,guides,enlightens, and motivates;touches lives forever;makes the world a better place;a tireless,dedicated professional." -unknown


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