Felicità Amanda Lynch

Seal and Motto:

My seal is fruits and vegetables because this community believes in healthy eating so you can live longer and feel good. My motto for this community is Health is Happiness.

Vision Statement:

Because we believe in the Health and Happiness of everyone in our community. We provide healthy foods and exercise options for everyone.


You must exercise for 2 hours a day.

You must get 10 hours of sleep.

Make good food choices.

Do your part in helping the community.

You must shower every day.

Work hard.

No littering.

You must have an education.

You must drink enough water.

Be careful with your body and keep it healthy.


Felicità is located on an island in the middle of a lake in Italy.

Typical Day:

A typical day in this community would not be very controlled and the people could do what they wanted.

7:00 - Wake up

7:30 - Breakfast

8:00 - School

1:00 - Lunch

2:00 - School is out

5:00 - Dinner

9:00 - Bed time

Type of Government:

The type of government in this community would be a democracy because I think it is the best government and people can do what they like and be free but also there are leaders.

Persuasive appeal:

You can live a longer, healthier and better life by choosing to stay fit and healthy at Felicità.

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