Create a Creature Project The minion fish

  • Scientific name: Chryso somas
  • common name: minion fish
  • the minion fish is found in the Pelagic zone, Neritic zone, Euphotic zone, and Epipelagic zone. Abiotic factors in this zone include warm temperatures, lots of sunlight, clearer water, low pressure, and oxygen.
  • the Neritic zone allows the minion fish to keep close to the shore, so that it can feed on its diet, which is specifically humans, it also has Seagrass beds where the minion fish can reproduce.
  • the minion fish is Nektononic, and it swims by propelling itself with its tail, and can crawl out of the water, and move with its arms.
  • this organism eats humans only. it usually comes close to the shore and finds its prey there. it uses its hands to grab its food, and then swallows them whole, where they go through 7 stomachs.
  • this organisms weight ranges from 70,000 lbs -300,000 lbs, and its length ranges from 26-47 ft long, and live for 100-200 years
  • the minion fish varies in color depending on the surrounding, in bright sunlight it will appear yellow, and in blue waters it will appear blue. this fish camouflages itself so that it can sneak up on its prey, unseen.
  • this organism protects itself by using sonar hearing to sense danger, and then starts whipping its massive tail to tsunamis.
  • the minion fish breathes , through gills, but also has a blowhole to breathe when it is out of water getting humans to eat.
  • this organism reproduces asexually, by burying thousands of eggs in the Seagrass beds. they then take 20 years to hatch into full size minion fishes. this organism reproduces this way, because seagrass beds are full of nutrients, and they are able to seep through the eggs protective barrier and supply the embryo.
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Zachary Perkins


Created with images by Unsplash - "underwater blue ocean" • Unsplash - "underwater blue ocean"

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