Religion Across the World Got RELIGION?

The Chartres Cathedral

I am a Christian and I go to hope fellowship in Frisco Texas. I believe religions are a big part of our lives and I would like to learn about other religions to better understand them. I started with my religion and I visited the Chartres Cathedral in France. It was built for the women who would give birth to our savior Jesus. It is for Mother Mary and is very pretty and big. It's architecture shows elegance and greatness for who it was built for.

Jerusalem's Western Wall Prayer Notes

Next, I visited Jerusalem's Western Wall where people put in prayer notes. Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz clears the notes Twice a year and they bury the notes in Jerusalem's Mount of Olives. The notes are prayer and it very important to the Jewish culture. It is not allowed to throw the notes away or burn them so they are buried. This allows Jewish people to have a written prayer to God and he will answer there prayer.

Al-aqsa Mosque

Next I visited the Al-aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. It is the most important mosque in Jerusalem on the Temple mount. On my trip I learned that Al-aqsa Mosque is the third holiest site of the Islam religion. When you visit you notice that that it's a large community for Muslims they come to pray daily and for sermons. It has many arches and has ceiling with colorful designs and patterns.

Tanah lot

I then visited the Tanah lot on the island of Bali. This is said to be the place of Nirartha the sea God and he is worshiped here by others. Venomous snakes are said to guard it and protect it from evil spirits. Niartha also was said to have put a giant serpent to watch over it. It is a holy place for those who worship balinese gods and is worshiped by the people of hinduism.

Both Gaya

Bodh Gaya, Bihar is in Birar, India is and where Gautama Buddha found enlightenment. I learned Enlightenment is having wisdom and insight which is what Buddhism people strive to achieve. It is the most important of the main four pilgrimage sites related to the life of Gautama Buddha. People meditate here just as Gautama did as a way to each enlightenment.

The Jordan River

I then went to somewhere that was very important to my catholic religion. The Jordan River. The Jordan River is where Jesus Christ was Baptized. Many people come to get baptized in the Jordan River it is a very holy site for Catholic people. It is a blessed land graced by prophets of Jesus. It is really cool to see to be able to be connected to your religion and get to see where things happen.

The tower of David

The tower of David in Jerusalem was built by the Hasmonean kings near the western side of the old city. It is a fortress that was built for protection. It is names after King David who's a Jewish hero. It's a great part of culture to see and get why the Jewish religion believes what they believe. The strong stone and high walls are built up for protection. This special sites takes you back in history to an old time.

The Grand Mosque

The Grand Mosque is the largest Mosque in Kuwait. I saw and learned that is is decorated with the 99 names of God. Only Men are allowed in the main prayer hall and women can go in the separate hall. It has a library filled with islamic documents and books. It is based off of Andalusian architecture. This mosque is very grand and big so that is why it's called The Grand Mosque. It is very rich in the Muslim's religion and culture which is a great place to learn about Islamic religion.

Mount Kailas

I next visited Mount Kailas in Tibet. It is the place of eternal bliss in Hinduism. When I visited I was only allowed on certain areas of the mountain because of it's importance no human has ever climbed to it's summit. I learned from the Hindus that Lord Siva lives on Mount Kailas. Lord Siva is the destroyer of evil and sorrow. It is a peaceful place because Hindus people in achieving happiness. Lord Siva destroys the sadness so that they can be happy. If you want to feel Mount Kailas's happiness like me you should come here to visit also!

The Dhamek Pagoda

I went to Deer Park, Sarnath where this Pagoda was built around third century B.C. I learned as I toured it that it is thought to be the oldest surviving Buddhist structure ever! Buddhist Pagodas is an important part of buddhist landscapes and it's very detailed and delicate looking. It was tall with many side towers that were step up in tiers, balconies, and slanted roofs. Inside of the pagoda are relics that are said to be part of Buddha's body. The pagoda is not built to worship at, it is just for the relics. This was an amazing site that is an important part of buddhist history. Everyone should come visit this great place.


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