Photoshop By Jonathan Gorges

My first step was to take the sky and turn it into it's own layer, I used the magic wand feature to create the selection. The first attempt was to take the bison out of the picture, that did not go well and I had to focus on getting the sky out of the picture. The bison fur was too difficult and time consuming to try to use the layer mask on.

Then I lowered the brightness and increased the blue in it.

After that I removed some rocks out of the snow and used fill with content aware

Then I smudged the clouds to make the sun bigger and also add bison horns to the sun and a cloud

Although after I smudged the clouds it stood out too much so I had to use the stamp tool and make it kind of see through to add some more natural cloud colors to the bison heads

Overall I like the darkness of the sky, and the line that was between the bison and sky I smudged to blend in

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