Jake's Career Action Plan Due: JANUARY 24, 2017

  1. Personal Profile and Influencing Factors

Interests Survey: Hands On

1. I enjoy working on, and fixing motors on any type of machine.

2. I feel I learn a lot more when being taught with objects rather than being spoken too.

3. I am constantly fiddling with items if I feel they are interesting and wonder how they work.

4. I feel I concentrate more and work harder when working with tools etc.

What are you proud of?

1. Nations Cup... I scored the winning goal in the finals against a team from Russia. This took place in Michigan. This is something I will never forget. I can still remember the crazy crowd and the excitement that came with scoring the last goal against a team that was very good and battled hard. This was a very special moment that I shared with friends and family.


Throughout my life I am constantly being inspired by people that have taught me anything from being kind to trying my best in everything. An example of two incredible mentors of mine are my grandma and grandpa. Ever since I was born grandma and grandpa have past on very useful information. Also, coaches and teachers have really helped me develop as a young male by learning and being athletic which created who I am now.

Values Survey:

Family and Adventure are my top two personal values. I feel these values will help me choose a career because with adventure i will be up for trying any job or any activity given to me. Family, will support me through my decisions just as i support them through theirs. Adventure is something i use everyday. To start, i am a very energetic person that loves to try new thinks and discover things. Family, is amazing and helps you pretty much everything. When i have an everyday problem such as getting a ride home from hockey my family is there for me.

Multiple Intelligence Survey:

Multiple Intelligence skills are Visual, Bodily Kinesthetic, and Auditory. I love to discuss matters and writing down notes and studying. Also, I love visualizing things because i am very creative. Listening is a strong skill of mine in class and when given orders. I chose to learn by doing rather then by watching others do it.

Learning Styles Survey:

Tactile Learning, Visual Learning, and Learning by listening are my top Learning styles. Three tips that i can use in order to learn more is keeping a journal this will help me stay organised and record more important information. Another tip is ask questions this will help me clearly understand ideas and orders that are given and make the best of what i have been asked. I constantly learn by listening in class as it is a huge skill that usually is easily acquired.


Someone that is a great leader that I know is my old coach. He is a police chief in Waterloo/ Kitchener and at the same time made time to be at every practice and game of ours. H e has many great qualities that suit both jobs Listening, Caring, Respect, and Discipline.


Success in my mind is achieving goals, working hard, and finding yourself these will carry you throughout your life opening new doors for you as you enter the future.

1.Opportunities: In School:

Educational Opportunities:

Grade 9

Academic French Gr 9 "one year"

Academic Math Gr 9 and 10

Academic Science Gr 9 and 10

Academic English Gr 9 and 10

Academic Geography Gr 9

Exploring Technology Gr 9 and 10

Phys-ed Gr 9 and 10

Art Gr 9

The classes i have completed and undergoing right now will help me incredibly with my career path. I have not made a certain choice as to what I want to be when I finish my schooling; however, I have narrowed it down to certain types and interests. I would like to become part of the engineering field, a paramedic, or part of a police force. For me to achieve these goals I must try my hardest and do what is asked of me in the highest classes my ability can take.

Extra Curricular Opportunities:

Hockey "since age 4"

Soccer "since age 4"

Lacrosse "7 till 12"


Four wheeling/ Dirt biking etc

Currently works at Newry Coach Lines "since Gr 8"

Worked on dairy farm

Works with small engines etc

These activities will help me with my career path due to working with other people creating a relationship with customers and co workers. Also, working with parts and learning how machines work will teach me the importance of engineering. Worked with animals learned new ways of life and how it works.

Opportunities: Out of School

Volunteer Opportunities:

Over the years I have helped neighbours from old to young with yard work and lots more. I have attended as a councillor at the North Perth Hockey Camp for three years now and love working with the kids. This strengthens my care for others and makes me feel good about myself and my actions. This may help me in the future as I start my own company, work with others, and pass my knowledge further on.

Employment Opportunities:

My past jobs have taught me how to treat customers, animals, engines, and machines with respect. This can help me with my future career path. In addition, these can help me get jobs that will help me build up a starting plan for my future career I wish to pursue.

Occupational Information:

Occupation of Interest:

My everyday jobs are mainly to attend school, but my morning starts with taking the garbage out, feeding the cats, getting ready for school, Going to school, come home, eat, complete homework, and go to my practise or game.

Qualities needed to achieve these goals is, patience, organisation, responsible, and respectful.

Education Required:

Qualifications Needed: Complete EMT Basic Training. EMT basic training (EMT-B) takes anywhere from six months to two years to complete, depending on the institution. ...

Pass a National or State Exam to Become Certified. ...

Complete Advanced EMT Training (Optional) ...

Complete a Two-Year Degree Program (Optional)

Three places I can acquire the schooling for this job:


-Avanced Care Paramedic (GRADUATE CERTIFICATE) Georgian

-Advanced Care Paramedic FANSHAWE

-Advanced Care Paramedic ALGONQUIN


– University of Waterloo

– University of British Columbia

– University of Toronto

– McGill University

– University of Ottawa

Locations most suitable for me and two reasons why:

I don't really have any particular schools I would need to go to besides ones that offer what I need and in a great way. I would by up for leaving Canada also, if I got a scholarship in hockey.

How many years of school?:


6 months to 3 years of schooling and 120 to 150 hours of course work.


The years of engineering can vary depending on what field I decide but usually are between 3-5 years.

What Academic qualifications are needed?

Paramedic:Get certified in CPR. ...

Get your EMT-Basic certification. ...

Get your EMT-B certification. ...

Take the National Registry EMT-Basic exam. ...

(This Step Is Completely Optional)Get one year of EMT-B experience. ...

Enroll in paramedic school. ...

Complete your paramedic training. ...

Get training to drive an ambulance.

Pass the National Registry Exam.

Gain experience by volunteering or teaching.

Get hired.

Stay physically fit.

The most successful paramedics are those with a stable, down-to-earth personality. This is because the job can be quite stressful, even gruesome occasionally. Ask a paramedic about this aspect of the job.

Engineer:Earn a bachelor's degree in engineering from a school accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET)

Pass the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) examination.

Complete at least four years of engineering experience.

Get hired.

My Future:

At age 25:

Who- Fresh out of University or College possibly still going through my last years of schooling. Son, Brother, possibly an Uncle.

What- A son, Brother, Friend, Possibly an uncle, Either a licensed engineer or paramedic.

Where- In University or College. Starting in the work force. Meeting new people. In Canada possibly.

Why- Completing my last years of school before entering the work force. Planning my future. So one day I can have a family and provide for them.

How- Because of my experience, years in school, my family supporting me, and helping me on my way.

At age 45:

Who- Father, Son, Husband, Full time worker.

What- Full licensed engineer, or paramedic. Enjoying life and current job. Watching my children grow up.

Where- In Canada. Living in the country somewhere, but close enough to my job.

Why- Because I am currently in my most cherish able years. And playing my part as a citizen.

How- Because of meeting new people, enjoying life and getting my credits needed to become part of these work forces.

At age 65:

Who- Father, Husband, Son, Full time worker.

What- Full licensed engineer, or paramedic. Looking to retire or already has retired. Watching my children grow up. Passing my knowledge on to my kids.

Where- In Canada. Living Somewhere in the country. Wanting to spend more time with family.

Why- Because I enjoy making a difference and shaping the future.

How- Because of meeting new people, enjoying life and getting my credits needed to become part of these work forces.

Life Long Learning:

I will continue to be a life long learner throughout my life by always asking questions, considering different ways of learning and doing things, and taking observations of others that can improve my everyday way of life. I feel it is very important to learn as much as possible about something or someone due to it being endless it can create an important structure that will improve you overall as a better, smarter, and unique person.

Jake Zyta


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