Michael shiu personal mission statement

Before I went to Exceptional Minds, i lived in Bismarck ND and my teachers in my high school recommend me to go to EM to study Animation, i found the class to be interesting so I went to California and stayed there for 3 years

I did a lot of artwork in Bismarck and I tried out different types of art styles. Heres my painting of a dog in black and white.

Now I'm at EM and have started learning animation and vfx. I'm currently a second year student working on production and vfx.

I made friends with students from EM and they are nice to me. Here's a photo of me with Jacob Lenard. He's a creative animator with great ideas.

I care about my family, and people who are related to me. This is a photo of me with my cousins and my niece.

At EM we have had lectors from famous animators and got to meet them. Here I met Jorge Gutierrez. He's a very talented man who shows his loves of his culture and my first time meeting a well known person.

I also participate in Cartoon Network Animation Jam, I met with the creator of OK KO Ian Jones-Quartey, he really a nice person to met with.

I met the writer of the show who also came from North Dakota.

Also, I met Rebecca Sugar, she is just a great animator and she the creator of Steven Universe.

I like to go to fun places and meet a lot of my friends there, like the Comicon LA.

I went to my first Comic-con Conventision with Andrew Turny and we met with Jack, Stephen and Tony, It was an excited place to go. I took a lot of pictures of cosplayers and look at the artist there.

I'm good at replicating other people's styles and i work on model.

Here is a picture of my dinosaur characters I come up with. I drew them to give a backstory to my original characters.

I made really great binder covers for my binder.

I like volunteering so i can help out with my classmates and represent myself to Exceptional Minds.

I Volunteered for profectum in the Huntington Garden, to display my artwork and tell of what my work is about.

This is the art piece I showed at Profectum Art Show. I was going for a black and white pen and ink art piece because it reminds me of those black and white comics and how they illustrated.

In conclusion I am a talented animator and artist. I hope one day that I'll have a career in this field.

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