Digital Narrative Melissa Urueta

Getting my first tablet during my freshman year of high school was the start of my knowledge of technology. My Whole childhood was sheltered primarily from new technology because it was seen as something that would keep you from experiencing the life in the real world. The tablet was my first piece of technology that was for my personal use, and I could keep it inside of my bedroom. I received my first cell phone my freshman year of high school. I had that flip phone for the majority of my high school years, but there was no way to access internet on it. I was limited to phone calls and text messages only. I used the tablet for E books for school as well as browsing the internet for school projects. The tablet was given to me for school, but of course I began to also use it for social media. This is when I created my social media accounts, such as Facebook and Instagram. I did not create a twitter until my sophomore year of college. This is what really began my journey through understanding technology.

I didn’t want to use a meme for this because there is no way to really explain how I got my first piece of technology, which was my tablet. This is what kick started my journey to gaining more knowledge of technology. I began to become more interested in social media and I wanted to know how technology worked and the only way that I could represent that moment, was by using a picture of the actually piece of technology itself.

This picture just gets straight to the point just because there is not much that I could do that could accurately describe the piece of technology that started it all. The picture is the same as the tablet that I received when it was my first year of high school.

I have not used this site before, I just used the picture from the site. It is the company site of the tablet that I had when I first started to gain knowledge about technology.

After that I began to gain more and more knowledge about the internet and different form of programs such as Photoshop and illustrator. I did not really have a true understanding of how to maneuver the programs until I took my web design class my sophomore year of high school. This is where I truly became interested in technology. I wanted to further my knowledge because it was only an intro class. So I would use my mom’s computer and mess around with I movie and garage band. I would mess around with different programs and figure out how they all worked just by being curious. That made me really decide what I wanted to do with my major and that technology would become a huge part of my life.

This piece of multi-media fits into my literacy story because it portrays in a painful accurate way how much knowledge of technology I had when I first began to take classes that used programs such as Photoshop. This piece is going to be used to display how I was not too literate in computer programs until I began to take classes that helped me gain more knowledge.

This meme is funny and kind of lightens the mood a bit in terms of my narrative and how it is described. I think that the comedy in the memes convey my journey through technology accurately.

This particular source I am not familiar with, but I do like it because it gives you a wide variety of memes to choose from.

A really pinnacle point in my technology journey was actually receiving a smart phone. This allowed me to have internet wherever go. I did not receive a smartphone until my senior year of college. So my technology was limited to my tablet and computer at home and the classes I would take through high school. The smart phone ended up giving me more knowledge, but this time about the world and current events. The information that I was gaining was because I now had access to the internet whenever I wanted it. This made me dependent on social media when I wanted to know what my friends were doing, or just to find out what was going on everywhere. This also became the reason my political views were formed because I was exposed to the views of others through these social media outlets. I began to get more involved in technology because of it. I was more tech savvy than before because I now knew how to navigate through different social media accounts.

I wanted to use this meme because it describes a point in my early technological journey where I first began to make my social media profiles and I became obsessed for a minute. I would use any excuse to post something on all my profiles and of course I used a ton of hashtags. This is an important stage of my advancement just because it became a large part of my life and made me really interested in technology.

The meme is pretty funny because it kind of shows my advancement in my knowledge of technology. It kind of describes how I was so excited to experiment with new forms of technology, especially social media.

I have used Pinterest before but not necessarily for finding memes, but there are a lot of really funny memes that I could use and it is a very reliable source.

I consider myself as a digital native because ever since I was born I was subject to different forms of technology and my life was full of constant adaptation to the different forms of technology. I began with radio, t.v., to video game consoles, then began adapting to computers, tablets, and smart phones.

I wanted to use this picture in order describe the way that I grew up. I grew up in a very digital world and even when I was younger, I was surrounded by girls who had cell phones and computers. I grew up in world full of digital natives and I was sheltered from that, but at the same time I understood the technology and I was not completely out of the loop. That is why I consider myself a digital native because I grew up in that environment and the picture accurately describes the world in which I grew up in.

The picture accurately describes my childhood and I didn’t want a meme to describe this part of my childhood. I wanted to use a picture to kind of capture the essence of what it is to understand my digital timeline.

I have never used this site before just because I just took the picture that best fit my point on my technology timeline.

This piece of multi-media fits into my multi-media narrative because it discusses the evolution of technology and how the old forms of technology are left behind. This idea of the evolution of technology fits into my personal story because all the tools of technology from my childhood have changed I don’t need them in my daily life anymore. Their updated versions are now integrated into my life and are no longer just tools. This summarizes my journey with technology and how I have experiences in it's many forms, but it was always present

Memes are very important in social media today and a large part of where I am in technology right now, that is why I wanted to incorporate them into my literacy narrative.

I have definitely used meme share before to send funny memes to my friends to accurately describe what I want to say.


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