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The Community Safety Newsletter aims to keep residents and partners informed about what the Safer Bucks Partnership has been involved in across Buckinghamshire.

Safe Place Scheme

With less people shielding it's important residents are aware of the Safe Place Scheme. The scheme gives vulnerable people a short term safe place to go to if they are feeling confused, scared or upset when out and about in their local area.

Suitable businesses who have signed up to become a temporary safe place will have the below sticker on display in their shop window. If a vulnerable person seeks help, members of staff are able to make a phone call to someone they trust and provide a temporary safe haven until help and support arrives.

We are lucky to have many safe places across Buckinghamshire. To find your nearest safe place please click on your area below:

Summer Drinking

With life being very different due to the coronavirus, the stresses and strains of the pandemic may have impacted on your drinking habits. If you have found you've been drinking more during lockdown, possibly as a coping mechanism, you are not alone. If you would like some help to reduce the amount of alcohol you are drinking there is lots of great advice and support available on the NHS One You website.

With restrictions now easing- restaurants and pubs are reopening which may tempt you to meet up with friends. Before heading out, plan ahead and decide how you will be getting home. It is not possible to say how much alcohol you can drink and stay below the drink driving limit; alcohol affects everyone differently and can vary from day to day. So if you are driving, it’s better to stick to soft drinks.

Think – Don’t drink and drive!

For further advice and support please visit Bucks Council

Cold Calling Doorstep Selling Scams

Cold calling is the act of making uninvited visits to your home with the intention of selling goods or services. You should never allow anyone access to your home unless you are able to verify their authenticity and confirm that they have a valid reason for being there. Legitimate callers will not mind being challenged.

Sadly, doorstep scammers are taking advantage of the coronavirus to con elderly and vulnerable people. To empower residents to say NO to doorstep sellers, Bucks & Surrey Trading Standards are providing residents with free window stickers. To get your sticker email: trading.standards@surreycc.gov.uk alternatively, please contact Community Safety via the contact details below.

If you do have work that needs doing, Trading Standards recommends residents use a legitimate business such as those listed at the Trading Standards Approved Trader Scheme.

Home Security

With more people returning to work it is really important to check your home is secure before leaving for the day. To reduce your chances of becoming a victim of burglary follow these simple, yet effective tips:

  • Shut and lock all windows and doors
  • Keep car and house keys out of reach from windows and doors
  • Set timer switches to turn your lights on for when it gets dark
  • Avoid leaving valuables in plain view e.g. laptops, tablets
  • Set any house alarms
  • Lock side gates to prevent access to the rear of your property
  • Keep any tools and ladders stored safely away in a locked garage or shed

If you are planning on going away during the summer holidays don't advertise you are away from home by 'checking in' at the airport on social media and upload your holiday pictures once you have returned. Some home insurance companies will invalidate your policy if you have advertised your home is empty.

Safety In Neighbours

The Neighbourhood Watch network have recently launched a 'Safety in Neighbours' campaign. The campaign is focusing on preventing burglaries this summer by keeping our homes and neighbourhoods safe. Take a look at their website for useful tips and free resources to use and share: Safety in Neighbours campaign

Water Safety

Please don’t be tempted to take a dip in any rivers, lakes or canals during the warm, summer months. There are many hidden dangers beneath the surface of the water such as strong currents and submerged weeds or rubbish which can cause injury.

Never jump or ‘tombstone’ from bridges. You will not be able to estimate how deep the river is. Sudden immersion in cold water can cause your body to go into shock which will affect your ability to swim.

None of the lakes at our Buckinghamshire country parks are suitable for swimming so please stay safe by staying out of the water. For further water safety guidance please visit: Bucks Fire & Rescue and Environment Agency

Don't take the risk!

Social Media

Don't forget to follow our new social media accounts to keep up to date with key community safety messages and crime reduction tips:

  • Community Safety Twitter @Bucks_Safety
  • Bucks Council Twitter @BucksCouncil
  • Communities Facebook @bcccomunities
  • Bucks Council Facebook @BucksCouncil
  • Next Door @Buckinghamshire Council

Coronavirus Information

We are beginning to see an increase in the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in various parts of England, with some areas going into local lockdowns or having restrictions put in place. We want to reassure our residents that the number of infections in Buckinghamshire currently remains low. This has meant we can now see friends and family again and do some of the things we enjoy. However, it’s really important we don’t get complacent.

We must continue to keep a distance of one metre or more from people we don’t live with, even when outside. We must also wear a face covering when required in public places and wash our hands frequently with soap and water or hand sanitiser.

But the best chance we’ve got of controlling the virus is if we can detect as many cases as possible. We need as many people as possible to get tested in Buckinghamshire, no matter how mild their symptoms are. So if you have a fever, new persistent cough or change in or loss of smell or taste, even if it’s slight, then please book a test as soon as you can.

We have mobile testing units that come to various locations in Buckinghamshire – this week there’s one in Marlow for the first time, plus another unit in High Wycombe at the end of the week. All tests must be booked via the government’s website and it’s quick and easy – you'll either be able to take a test at home or be sent to the closest test site available. If you don’t have access to the internet then please call 119 to book a test if you need to.

For further information on the coronavirus, service changes and details on how to access support across Buckinghamshire please visit: Bucks Coronavirus information

Contact Details

If you would like further information or advice from the Community Safety Team, please contact us:

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