Flippity Flash Cards and Bingo

Flippity.net offers a variety of easy to make templates. Two I want to teach you about on this page are Flippity Flashcards and Flippity Bingo.

This what you will see on Flippity.net

Flippity Flashcards

Watch this video to get an overview of Flippity Flashcards as well as how to get started.

Now its your turn. Try it out! After you have entered your new flashcard information follow these steps to publish and view your flashcards.

Here is a link to some addition flashcards I created for Kindergarten Students.

Flippity Bingo

Similar to Flippity Flashcards, Flippity Bingo uses google sheets to input information for the bingo cards.

Here is a quick tutorial on getting started with Flippity Bingo

An awesome feature of Flippity Bingo is the QR code and ability to play online. I've created a set of Bingo cards with a QR code so you can try out Flippity Bingo online.

Sight Word Bingo

Now its your turn! Try out Flippity Bingo for yourself. Enter your information into a copied Google Sheet just like Flippity Flashcards and then follow the same steps to publish it.

Feeling inspired? Play around with the other products on Flippity. You can even install the add-on ! Here are are just a few of the options AVAILABLE.

By Abby Clinton


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