Publishing in the Hands of Librarians aajay Murphy, kennesaw state university, USA

Libraries are constantly changing, evolving, leveling up, reshaping, transforming, metamorphosing, reorienting, tweaking, altering, transitioning, modifying, revising, refining, fluctuating, upgrading, improving, and so on.

Because of money and technology.

The mission remains the same as it always has been.

Share. resources. freely.

Library publishing is a change in activity, but not a difference in mission.

Publishing at Kennesaw State University

Why should we focus on international publishing projects?

Shouldn't an IR be for the university exclusively?

three reasons for internationalizing our publishing

#1 – KSU's mission for internationalization
#2 – my own affiliations with international groups
#3 – my own personal Socialist ideology, research and bias


Going to Ethiopia in August!

Being open access matters. Can you tell when we lifted the paywall on this journal?

Our newest international journal – Young African Leaders Journal of Development.

our future

  • Develop OER publishing program (start small, gain traction)
  • Bring more manuscripts on board (orphaned works to start)
  • Provide more editorial support (copyediting, layout, design, plagiarism check, etc.)
  • Stronger marketing of materials
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Aajay Murphy


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