Silver Beaver Award

The Silver Beaver award was created by the National Council and first presented in 1931 as an award program to be utilized by a local council with National Council approval of the recipients. The first year they were presented nationally, they were on a pocket ribbon like an Eagle Scout medal. After that first year they were placed on neck ribbons and remain so to this day. In 1931, there was a special one time provision that allowed the presentation of twice the number of Silver Beavers that would normally be awarded in any given local Council. This was permitted since it was the first year of the program and there were likely many deserving individuals, the National Council wanted to cause as little hard feelings as possible among the Scouters.

The person who is credited with the creation of the award is Mortimer Schiff, a national vice president of the BSA since 1910 who was elected National BSA President in 1931. He died after only one month in office. During his brief tenure as the National President of the BSA he personally wrote many of the regulations and rules that were, and still are, used for awarding the Silver Beaver and literally finished it on the day of his untimely death. It was the one thing that he was able to finish while in office and it held great importance to him in seeing that a local Council award for deserving Scouters was put in place. As far as distinguished service awards for Scouters, the Silver Buffalo came first, then the Silver Beaver and then the Silver Antelope was the third one created.

During the years 1971 to 1974, the Boy Scouts of America presented the Silver Fawn Award for distinguished service to youth performed by lady scouters within the territory of the local council. Since then, however, all deserving ladies have been awarded the Silver Beaver Award.

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