LILITH FERREIRA documentary and portraiture


Melody Hernandez, 2019
Alain Arguetta, 2019
Ashley Andrade, 2019
David Veliz, 2019

Event and Documentary Fotos

Selena for Sanctuary

Selena for Sanctuary is a non-profit organization that raises funds for immigrant rights groups. This project is special to me because I had the opportunity to also work with Kids of Immigrants on their shoot for the merch for this benefit show. It felt like a full circle moment, community love coming together to push our community forward. From the musicians, to the organizers, to the merch.

Kids of Immigrants

About Me

Lilith Ferreira. I am passionate about storytelling and documenting which is why I love photography. Photography gives me an opportunity to tell stories through an unseen lens. I am passionate about womxn’s issues and immigrant rights.Through my photography, I hope to achieve advocacy and awareness. I am a keen observer and understand that my photography isn’t a solution but a step forward. I am currently studying Deaf Studies and Chicanx Studies at CSUN. I am also now an intern for the Arts Internship Program for the Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture.