How To Survive 5th Grade In Mrs. Kolff's Class By: Elijah Terrell

Number one Rule: Never put your hand up when you have Mrs. langer as a substitute or she'll have a panic attack. speaking from experience

The second rule: Never leave your mess behind for everyone else or she'll turn into the very rare Krabby Kolff. And trust me when I say that because it's happened plenty of times to the numerous amount of kids that were in her class last year.

Clash Royale: you'd love the game it's awesome but be careful because Mrs. Kolff only lets you get on if you've earned it. so don't be the one who decides to do at reading time.
Mrs. kolff is very competitive. you will eventually end up learning that later in the year. and she loves when we get paws and earn that extra recess. especially at the end of the year

Just so you know never bring your toys to school or either the trash, Weston or kylie will have a new toys

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