DivineSoul Patience is A virtue

Patience is not an easy virtue, particularly in today’s world where we rush about everything at the cost of our peace of mind and happiness. The secret is concentrating, visualizing, seeing details, and having faith. When your mind is empty from thoughts, and only one single thought is allowed to enter, it gains a very great power. A concentrated thought is powerful, and exerts a very strong influence as your mind does not resist the subject of your thought, and your thought materializes. The universe in which everything is in divine order, things might not happen as our wish. But in order to heal and create a space for our soul, we need to take down the subconscious wall of anxiety built by our impatience and stress. Stop putting a time-frame, it’s a struggle and engaging but once achieved the grief lose its power.

So, whether you’re trying to lose weight, take on exercise, learn a new skill, or adjust at work, keep the word patience in your mind. Celebrate small milestones: a lost pound, a mile run, meeting with old/new friends, a happy moment. As Lao Tzu said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

Rejection, disappointment, betrayal and failure leads to frustration, in turn we feel victimized, neglected, and helpless. The digital age has enabled faster access of information worldwide but the consequence is it has encouraged an emotional instability and low tolerance. Invest meaningful time in a relationship without giving up or giving in.

As The Beatles sang, memorably, many years ago, “we all want to change the world.” Patience would be a terrific place to start

Root Lock (Mula Bandha)

Technically you need to sit in a comfortable seat, on your shins or cross legged, palms of the hands on the thighs or knees. Attention on the center of the perineum, and contract the muscles there tightly with minimal involvement of the anal and urogenital areas. This is the initial version of mula bandha, and it takes time to accomplish. But as promised to make no change in your lifestyle all you need to do is natural tummy tuck or in simple terms always walk with your tummy in. Indirectly this process keeps you core engage and strengthens it. Feel free to practice it at work or home. Start it with 15 minutes and eventually conscious put an effort to stretch it as long as you can.

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