Forensic Anthropology lebo mashego

  • The constitution states to ensure domestic Tranquility.
  • The Europol established in 1992 a the European Drug Unit.
  • A small number of police forces allow firearms, but severely restrict their use .
  • Telegraphs originated in London,England.
  • "DNA is the blue print of life.
  • Thomas Dwight is the ''Father of Forensic Anthropology''.
  • Wyman is in charge of identifying bodies.
  • Holmes was in charge of why they died.
  • Wyman and Holmes started forensic anthropology in Boston and were not trained like we are today.
  • DNA left at a crime scene can identify people involved.
  • The National Museum of Natural History has over 30,000 remains.
  • The United States has 1,700 complete humans skeletons
  • Forensic anthropologist investigate human remains to solve mysteries.
  • The fort the Pilgrims came on was built in 1607, and still used in 1620.
  • Dental evidence and forensic science were admissible in a murder trial.
  • In the 19th century forensic anthropology may not have been taught as a discipline.
  • A infant was found buried under Brick Chapel in Maryland in the year 1992.
  • Archaeologist found an isolated grave outside the fort.
  • Forensic anthropologist examine tissues such as bone.
  • The pelvic bone provides the best evidence when determining the sex of a unknown person.
  • Smithsonian Anthropologist work with the FBI to solve mysteries.
  • If elements do not match with the other skeletons you most likely found another human or organism.
  • Other types of cancer cause tumors to grow.
  • Low soil pH,wind,water,and sand are capable of abrading species.
  • Forensic anthropology gives windows to see how the dead lived a long time ago.
  • Diets and how the person lived is reflected in bone and teeth.
  • Fossilized bones are usually photographed for more information.
  • The Gangland murders forced the FBI to be assisted by anthropologist.
  • A forensic anthropologist can spot bone ridges and come to a conclusion that the deceased worked in the fields.
  • Bones hold all the hidden clues to how a person lived.
  • Anthropology started with identifying a dead soldier from war.
  • Researchers discovered their name and skull statistics.
  • A trained anthropologist can identify if the person ever got pregnant before she died.
  • An anthropologist usually makes $57,840 a year.
  • Humans vary more within population than themselves.
  • Bone tumors cause significant skeletal changes.
  • Forensic Anthropologist have to have photography skills.
  • Anthropologist have to learn to read X-rays.
  • Some anthropologist use their skills so they can for sure have a job as a identification specialist or death investigator.
  • Anthropologist have to experience working with law enforcement.
  • They assist with removing the body from the site where the body was found.
  • FORDISC employs measurements from skull data.
  • Scientist study process of decomposing bodies.
  • Anthropologist examine injuries to find out how that person died, or if they lived with that injury.
  • Anthropologist make a biological profile about the deceased.
  • Anthropologist place out elements on a table of how the skeleton would be laid out.
  • Sexual dimorphism is the most obvious bone in the pelvis and skull to tell apart sexes.
  • There are over 300 bones in infants.
  • Osteogenesis Imperfecta is a disorder repeated by multiple bone fractures.
  • Anthropologist mainly try to figure out their ancestry.
  • Cadavar dogs help law enforcement recover bodies more quickly.
  • Infrared photography and drone technology help find bodies.
  • Black plastic decomposes bodies faster.

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