Client Welcome Guide Tips and Tricks for your session

We want you to look and feel your best during your session and we are proud to offer professional hair and makeup. We notice that women are nervous when they first walk in our doors. But after hair and makeup they stand a little bit taller. Smile a little bit bigger. And have an added bounce in their step. It’s the perfect way to start off the experience. While a boudoir session is all about finding your beauty inside, we all know how the perfect little black dress or perfect lipstick color can make us feel like a million bucks. Pamper yourself before your session - you deserve it! Try on your outfits the day before your session to make sure everything fits. Be conscious of body hair as it stands out in photos. If waxing make sure to have it done 3-5 days prior so any bumps have time to heal. Moisturize your skin in the days leading up to your shoot. But nothing new that might cause you to break out. Make sure your nails are shaped nicely and painted if you’d like. Get lots of rest in the days leading up to your session.

Breathe - you’re going to be great!

I love soft sweaters, old tshirts, collared shirts, and even just white sheets to hide areas.

Stay away from corsets and things with boning. They are hard to pose in comfortably.

Unless it is the only thing you are wearing, I don't recommend a lot of jewelry. The focus of the photos need to be on YOU, not your sparkly necklace. I love stud earrings, simple bracelets and your wedding/engagement/this-ring-is-just-for-me rings!

I love jewel toned colors and neutrals. Steer clear of neons, bright colors and things with a lot of pattern.

Stockings, hose and thigh highs are great but not necessary. If you want to wear these with your outfit, please get them 2 sizes TOO big, as they fit perfectly when bigger.

Closed toed shoes are best and my favorites are nude or black pumps/stilettos with out straps at the ankle. Don't worry - you won't be walking much!

For lingerie I LOVE high waisted panties and body suits to hide tummies. They compliment every size and hide all the areas we don't like :) Some great places to find these are:


http://www.freepeople.com/intimates/ (I ALWAYS find something here - love the new bodysuits for this season!)

www.yandy.com (great stuff and very inexpensive!)

http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/category.jsp?id=W_INTIMATES&cm_sp=WOMENS-_-L2-_-WOMENS:W_INTIMATES#/ ( I always buy body suits from here too!)



www.forever21.com They also have a curve/plus selection. Look in the TOPS section for bodysuits

www.nastygal.com One of my absolute favorite places!

https://kisskill.com.au/ Freaking LOVE their bras and bodysuits. Wait for sales - this place can be a bit pricey. *

https://lonelylabel.com I LOVE the bras from this site. So damn comfy!

www.hipsandcurves.com My GO TO for tights, onsies, garters, etc for curvier sizes.

https://www.playfulpromises.com/ Love, love, love this site for uncommon sizes and great bodysuits!

And as always, these are just guidelines. If you feel sexy in something not mentioned here, by all means bring it! Feeling good in your outfit is the most important thing!

And as always, if you have any questions or concerns, please call or text 337.344.9606 or email me at hello@prettyisboudoircom

xoxo, Amy

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