Animal Shelters all inportant things about shelters

Can you imagine how wonderful you would feel if you saved an animal from being put down? Next time you want a pet think about going to an animal shelter. Shelters provide many other services but they also have many needs. If you want to get involved there are many local shelters to visit.

Have you ever driven by a animal shelter and wonder what happens in there? Providing care and treatments one of the jobs they have. They take care of newborn , hurt ,sick ,and diseased animals. An animal shelter is a place for lost or abandoned animals. Abandoned animals can be adopted and lost animal if they did not find their owner the can be adopted by someone else. Educating pet owners is another function of an animal shelter. They teach the importance of keeping your pet dog safe by chipping , a dog tag , and a harness. Providing care , care and treatment ,and finding homes for lost or abandoned pets and educating pet owners are three important jobs at a shelter. Animals shelters are very helpful to pets and pet owners but unfortunately they have many needs. Some dogs are picky eaters and others dogs have sensitive stomachs therefore need special foods. Toys are needed for animals to entertain themselves like balls, chew toys, treats, rope toys, jingle balls and tennis balls. Other supplies are needed for pet owners to use like leashes to take them for walks, waste bags, cat litter, blankets, dog and cat beds, scratch pads, food and water bowls. Even if you don’t have intentions to adopt an animal you can drop some much needed supplies off for the shelter.

This is a example of a dog tag. It keeps all the info of your dog on the tag.Like where you live the street that you live on and your phone number.

If you want to adopt an animal there are several shelters to pick from. Chester County SPCA is a non-profit shelter that is located in West Chester. It finds new homes for animals. Another is Lamancha Animal Rescue. It is located in Unionville and is a no-kill shelter. They rescue all types of animals even exotic animals like lizards and pot belly pigs. Another recommendation is Main Line Animal Rescue located in Phoenixville. They rescue and find new homes for animals in need. Chester County SPCA, Lamancha Animal Rescue, and Main Line Animal Rescue are all local shelters that come highly recommended.

Animal shelters are not just wonderful places to volunteer but they also wonderful places to animals in need. Of a good home.

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