CONNECT TO SUCCESS... Creating a platform for NZ SME

What is a small business?

Small and medium size enterprises are the majority of the number of businesses in the market, Despite the catch-all phrase SME they have infinite variation. Any platform that addresses them has to acknowledge their differences as well as common groupings. Otherwise you will make assumptions about the motivations of 'all' and miss the opportunity to offer the greatest utility to segments with products, services and motivating information that will act as a trigger to action or behaviour change.


Might be more educated - need different kinds of help - like access to like minds or accessible tools.

Artisan Food Brand

Immersed in complex operations and regulations - stretched for time but need access to demanding distributors and to create pull from customers

Service Brands

Targeting businesses that actively want to grow

Some businesses are happy just doing the do...

Many small businesses are eager to grow sales and profits, They express their agreement but often behave in a way that is counterproductive. Often they post-rationalise a lack of time, skill or resource as the reason for inaction. For many it is simply an all-too-human inertia when confronted with the need for behavioural change.

"Learning as I go - I hate technology but I know I need to fall in love with it to grow my business"

Creating a monoply

To develop a platform that produces the kind of success that makes an investment worthwhile - it should create some monopoly with the most valuable customer cohort.

Information about the product is a bit like knowing what's under the bonnet of a car - Who cares?

Simply running an ad campaign which promotes the benefit of, say, joining an optic fibre network would produce an environment where competitors can scoop up a percentage of the new demand for the undifferentiated commodity using promotional levers and price.

Creating a business model

Value Propositions

Helping growing businesses and entrepreneurs develop the skills and make the connections to create a healthy business in the digital era.

Providing valuable resources specifically tailored to New Zealand SMEs

Partnering with experts in areas where the greatest demand exists for help and guidance - where the ROI and efficinecies are greatest


Use world leading content strategies to create a devoted user base who not only enjoy the benefits of continuous learning but also become addicted to the service and enrol their cohort.


Business leaders. Exclusive access.


Make the most of mobile


creating a world class cutomer loyalty programme for your single store - auckland, wellington, taumaranui...


Complete our email marketing class and get 25% of your data for summer

Create credible content/courses that meet qualification standards for staff

Get participants hooked:

  • Multiple, regular, positive feedback loop.
  • Pathways to completion.
  • Rewards

Taking the concept to the next stage - but still just ideas - no design or execution



TV Creates awareness of GrowBiz program an intiates rapid growth of participation and conversion.

Landing Pages are clear focal points linked to messages in ads - test appeals and efficacy of media for conversion.

The funnel makes the programme active - content needs to convert to value by extracting value greater than the effort spent to acquire the result*

Participation and membership.

Access content:

Video, webinar elearning tools, community/groups, events. Badges and rewards (gameification).

Simple show format - multiple lessons per shoot for online use.

Topics are real content - not ads in drag

Simple wayfinder graphics

Website - Marketing courses - Delivering courses - Funneling sales leads

Remarketing and funnel marketing with landing pages

Stimulate and reward referrals

The more you engage - the more you learn - and earn in status, utility and tangible rewards

valuable business lessons

Access to discounts and offers

Badges - and recognition for site, store, and CV.

email - key component for constant personalised contact

Use Facebook and LinkedIn groups for segmentation and organic community building.

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