Individual NTIP Strategy | Teacher Performance Appraisal

Individual NTIP Strategy

A school-based learning culture is critical to making the Individual NTIP Strategy (INS) meaningful. In a collaborative learning culture, the INS creates an important opportunity for ongoing learning focused conversations between the principal, mentors and the new teacher, about the new teacher’s professional learning goals.

When the principal meets with a new teacher to discuss goals and strategies, suggest resources and offer support, the INS transforms from something that is touched once and never visited again to a living document. As a living document, the INS may well become a “messy plan” that is modified throughout the year.

In addition to new permanent hires, all new occasional teachers are encouraged to use the Individual NTIP Strategy to document their learning journey over time.

Goal Setting Conversations

Customizing the INS

Boards may consider modifying this INS format – while retaining the required fields, to maximize its potential to be an evolving professional growth plan and portfolio that focuses on the learning process.

We are in the process of considering how to update the INS to best foster learning and collaboration and would welcome your input at ptpsb@ontario.ca.

Access the current INS

Teacher Performance Appraisal for New Permanent Hires

The Teacher Performance Appraisal (TPA) process is an opportunity for dialogue, reflection and professional growth. It is a collaboration between new teachers and their principals to provide a meaningful, growth-oriented evaluation of teacher performance.

The Teacher Performance Appraisal: Technical Requirements Manual (2010), provides detailed information about the timelines, processes and steps to be followed in the appraisal process for both new permanent and experienced teachers.

As per the manual, new permanent hires are evaluated twice within their first 12 months of employment. In order to successfully complete the NTIP requirements, they must receive two Satisfactory appraisal ratings within 24 months. The flow chart of TPA outcomes for new teachers contained on pages 39 and 40 of the manual provides an at a glance summary of the appraisal process.

Upon successful completion of 2 satisfactory NTIP evaluations, boards are responsible for submitting the names of new teachers to the Ontario College of Teachers within 60 calendar days. A notation reflecting completion of NTIP is placed on the teacher’s certificate of qualification and registration which appears on Ontario College of Teachers’ public register.