Rome geography by: nicky zaccaria

This is a picture of the river that people would use to get to the Mediterranean sea. this helped Rome because if the city is being attacked, they could go on the river and escape. That was useful so they didn't die when war took place in Rome. Plus the ocean was a big help because they could see who or what was coming in the distance.
these are the seven mountains that surround Rome, These had a huge impacted on Rome because when Rome was in war (Most of the time) If an enemy was attacking Rome they could have the upper hand and shoot/attack down on the invaders.
This is a picture of the map of Italy; Rome is right at the top of the word Italy. If you look at the map Rome had a HUGE disadvantage because it was completely surrounded by water. People from anywhere could come straight to Rome. But still Rome grew bigger than any republic before them. That just shows how strong Rome was.
This is the Tiber river. (The Tiber river is running through Rome!) This river was huge to Rome. The people used this as their main source of transportation. They didn't have cars and getting around would take to long by foot, and many people didn't have chariots. The Tiber river is also what they used for plumming. If they didn't have the Tiber river for plumming, they would have to go in a pot and carry it outside and that is gross. Also they used the water for cooking. This is why the Tiber river is one of the best things that impacted Rome


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