Human Sexuality By richard zhang

Men's Brain

Even thou God created us in his own image there is still a huge amount of different between men's brain and women's, for example men's brain are made of many many small and large boxes, each box contains one unique subject. Also box and box don't touch each other.

  1. Box of nothing, nothing box, one of the most important things of a male's brain.
  2. A men need to be challenged.
  3. A men needs time with his friends.
  4. A men need to be needed.
  5. stimulates instantly, by smell, tough and sight.

“It is not good for man to be alone.”

Genesis 2:18

Famous men's quotes

"Why go out for a hamburger when I have a steak at home"

Paul Newman

"A Good Lover is one who can keep one woman satisfied all her life not many women once... any dog can do that"

Ricardo Montaban

Women's Brain

But in the other hand women's brain is the total opposite of the men's brain. Women's brain are a total "mess"! Every thing are tangled up and all connected to each other.

  1. A woman need to feel beautiful.
  2. A woman want to unique.
  3. A woman need feel secure.
  4. A woman is difficult to stimulate, they need every thing to just connect just the right way.

Language of Love-Making

You are uniquely special to me

In you I find my place of belonging

You complete me


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