Japanese Tsunami Of 2011 YEET

On March 11, a magnitude-9 earthquake created one of the deadliest tsunamis. The tsunami i took place in miayako,iwate,and tohoku,Japan. It was up to 40.5m .

In Japan residents are still recovering from the flooded homes,cars,building,and etc. Water was washing dirt,oil,and other chemicals,so there was a lot of bad deposition. Radioactive waste was even discovered at a near by nuclear plant.

In a youtube video you can see a few cars trying todrive away from the tsunami,but it was much too fast to run from. They knew something was up after a earthquake. The animals started acting funny and they tried to jump fences.

Tsunamis can be expected after an earthquake,but an earthquake can not be expected. Its important to remain calm and try to stay with your family. If you are seperated try to go to the closet shelter. thank you.


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