General Motors Marcus Adhikusuma, Rebecca Anderson, bryce beeman, Florentina Alaiza, Brooklyn Briggs

Our Strategy

  • Acquiring VIA Motors.
  • VIA Motors is a development and manufacturing company.
  • VIA Motors purchases trucks, vans, an SUVS and converts them into extended range hybrid/electric vehicles.
  • Powertrain replacement
  • Via Motor Controller
  • Initial Acquisition Cost : $190,700,366 million.

Why an Acquisition?

Main concern

  • Trucks and SUVs are the top seller in GM but lack fuel efficiency.
  • Increased Federal regulations and standards for fuel efficiency and MPG.


  • Based on the Space Matrix, GM landed under an aggressive strategy.
  • We found an acquisition of VIA Motors to be the best aggressive strategic choice for GM.

How we will Implement


  • Acquire VIA Motors.
  • Cost: $190,700,366 million.
  • Finance through free cash flow.
  • HR managers will handle relevant HR matters.


  • We plan to stay in the U.S. with potential markets, such as California, New York, and Florida.
  • Increasing production of hybrid/electric trucks by 10,000 units each year.

The Results of our Strategy

  • Total revenues over 4 years is 8.2 billion.
  • Total Cost of Strategy over 4 years is 6.9 billion.
  • Total Net Income return over 4 years is 1.3 billion.
  • Net Present Value is 943 million over 4 years.
  • Internal Rate of Return is 72 percent over 4 years.
  • Strategy will help bridge the gap between gasoline fueled trucks and fully electric vehicles.
Created By
Marcus Adhikusuma


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