Sniffing One Sniff At A Time By: ember alvarado

“A dog is a man’s best friend,”( Everyone, most likely, can connect with this quote. What if dogs weren’t only just best friends but life savers?

Dog’s can sniff out diseases, bones, and explosives. They help everyone, from the Army to ordinary people.

Medical Help: These dogs are used to sniff out diseases. When someone has diabetes, most people have service dogs to alert them when their blood sugar is low. Dogs are able to do this with here noses being 100,000 times more powerful than humans.

Sniffing Out Bones: Dog’s are able to sniff out bones and help contribute to murder cases. They also make the dogs sniff a piece of clothing or something that belongs to the missing victim, and there noses do the rest to track the bones down. Human remains can only be smelt by dogs strong noses.

Sniffing Out Explosives: Dogs are also used to smell out explosives and chemicals. They bring the dogs to Afghanistan and they have one person and that dog smell around where they are staying or protecting, to make sure they are not going to be bombed. The Army relies on the dogs to make sure they don’t put themselves into bad situations.

Overall Review: Dog’s have the ability to see the world through their nose, something that we can only imagine. Dog's can smell the odor's humans give off different odors, so when their blood sugar is high or low dogs can tell. Also when the police force learns that someone has gone missing, they bring out the dogs and have them to check around locally. Finally, dogs are usually brought to help locate explosives and chemical, so the Army can arrest people in other countries.

In conclusion, “When I needed a hand, I found your paw,”( Without dogs there is no way we could make it in this world. Dogs are saving us everyday just by being our pets.


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