Tea Palace WhEre parents can relax and where childeren cAn bring Buddies

This is the place where all your stress comes out where you can relax while enjoying the traditional desserts and traditional drinks. Also where kids can take out their energy and bring friends along with them and have some fun. Especially many mothers want to have a quiet time with friends as well and catch up with stuff this is the perfect place for moms to go and many other poeple. Also the drinks there will be coming from many places around the world for example Mexican tea, Japanese tea, Chinese tea, etc. Also there will be desserts from all over the world as well. Also many men can also come because it's not just for women but for men to because ther will be a bar located in palace tea. Where they can enjoy themselves as well as the kids and woman's. They can also bring there friends so they can get some stress out of them because of work or other stuff.

These are what some of the place will be looking like we really looked into these pictures because we like the idea of having a glass place so there can be a pretty view looked at while relaxing and taking stress out. Also because I liked how the tables are like women like because women like being more outside than inside becaus women enjoy more the nature. We also loved the ideals of not just being a regular tea place but having drinks and desserts from all over the workld and some images show was we are talking about. We liked that becaus ewe know that not just American people live here but from many countries. We also added the river because the scoundrel of water brings peace.there will be piano music playing for everyone to relax and talk calmly. I would cost about 2,474. The community would like this place because it is a place where you can take out your energy also where many adults can take out their stress and enjoy a wonderful view.


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