My Journey to Greece. spring 2016

These are the three girls from Stout that I went on this amazing journey with. This picture was taken on the first day we got there. Anna is the blond one Alex is in the middle and Maddy is the one at the far right.

First field trip the American College of Greece took us on to see the Acropolis!
Second Trip we took was to Nafplio and Korinthos.

The first place that we traveled too. Millan was so beautiful and so many different amazing views there. It was raining most of the time that we were there but still had an amazing time there. Millan was pretty expensive compared to Greece.

" This was the best 20th birthday I have ever had and so happy that i had some friends to celebrated with there as well." -Anna

By far Rome was my favorite place to visit! Even though I was here for only a weekend it was filled with lots of adventures. This place was so beautiful and unbelievable. I would definitely come back and visit even think about living there in the future. Seeing the Trevi Fountain was beautiful during the day and at night. Its unbelievable how this fountain is just hidden in between buildings and the only way in is through a small open as big as it is in the left corner of this picture. on the other side it feels like you in town or in the city. Walking into this area felt like you were taken to a whole different place.

Paris was the last place i got to visit. I was here for a week and luckily got to stay right in the heart of Paris for free because one of the girls I went to Greece with knew a friend there. We got to see so many great museums and see amazing sights. Sadly lost my phone the first day I got there which made me really appreciate the history and art not only on a canvas but in the nature.
Greece has so many cute little Cafes and see just tones of people just sitting outside drinking iced coffee on a nice day. Fairytale was my favorite cafe to go to. It was such a cute little place.
The Last Field trip they took us to was Hydra island. The only island i got to visit while i was in Greece.
Thanks for going on this journey with me!


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